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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Things you want to say but can't

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3:19pm, 24 Mar 2019
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((M-N codeine helped when I hurt my back hope you’re ok xx))
8:22pm, 24 Mar 2019
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Little Nemo
What's the point of having adverts about all the things that are potentially going to change after Brexit now?!? Maybe if we'd had them at the time of the referendum we wouldn't be in such a fucking mess as more people would have realised what a fucking stupid idea it actually is!!!

Fucking COCKWOMBLES!!!!!!!!
8:23pm, 24 Mar 2019
45760 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
8:27pm, 24 Mar 2019
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[Because every time the Remain campaign pointed out the many disadvantages of leaving, the other side screamed PROJECT FEAR!! so loudly :-( ]
9:00pm, 24 Mar 2019
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Wriggling Snake
I blame the BBC, thy needed to be straight rather than even handed.
9:38pm, 24 Mar 2019
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No, it's not OK for your kids to force their way into the centre of our post match team huddle. They're not in the team. They weren't slogging their guts out on the pitch only to lose by a few points in the last minute. That moment wasn't about them, letting them break in and start wiggling their butts at people was frankly kinda disrespectful of the effort the actual team put in and the fact they can't stand not being the centre of attention for five minutes is rather sad.

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