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Things you want to say but can't

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22 Jul
6:35pm, 22 Jul 2019
3970 posts
Swapping the smoke detector is easy. The previous owners didn't just oaintbaround it. I don't have to repaint part of the ceiling.
22 Jul
6:45pm, 22 Jul 2019
7518 posts
I would never just paint around fixtures rather than unscrew them and put them up again.

I admired my own foresightedness when I put up new blinds downstairs on Saturday.
22 Jul
7:33pm, 22 Jul 2019
28508 posts
I’m not having a Monday night cider in order to make space for the milk.
22 Jul
7:56pm, 22 Jul 2019
5024 posts
You gave birth five minutes ago. Nobody is impressed you’re running already. Chill the fuck out and give your body a break.
22 Jul
9:02pm, 22 Jul 2019
1627 posts
I haven't fallen off the wagon, been run over by all the wheels and trampled by all the horses twice over. I'll be feeling even better tomorrow.
22 Jul
9:12pm, 22 Jul 2019
3308 posts
I was amazing at Pilates :-o
22 Jul
10:45pm, 22 Jul 2019
17413 posts
How the fuck have we managed to get to the stage where there are four adults living in this house but every time I ask you to do something I get rudeness?

Congratulations on doing some washing. Unfortunately it doesn't walk itself out of the wet heap in the basket to the line, then fold itself and leap into the cupboards. You have four days off in a row every week. Why am I hunting through a damp mountain at twenty to eleven for knickers?

Why are you biting my head off because I haven't sorted out what's for dinner? You've had all fucking day while I've been at work.

Lovely. Washing up at 10pm. Of course it's fine that you spent all that time doing stuff you wanted to do in the garden and left everything else for me. Oh look, I only have ten hours at work tomorrow. What are you doing? That's right, another day off.
22 Jul
11:05pm, 22 Jul 2019
6079 posts
[Oh Carp :( All too familiar]

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