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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Elite Athletics Thread

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16 Apr
9:59pm, 16 Apr 2019
6048 posts
Jovi Runner
I listened to Amy's interview on the Cloud 2:59 podcast. I think getting to Rio was always her plan & I don't think she was wanting a Tokyo qualifying time. She said She wanted to try something different & not just be focussed on times now she was an FV40. Reading between the lines I think she realises too many younger faster ladies ref Tokyo so she just wanted a different challenge & Boston was it. Interesting to note she said she also said a 1/3 of her training time was spent on a turbo bike as she could no longer take the super high mileage.
16 Apr
10:00pm, 16 Apr 2019
6049 posts
Jovi Runner
Aly's not Amy's!
16 Apr
10:03pm, 16 Apr 2019
66726 posts
I follow her on strava lots of cycling
16 Apr
10:12pm, 16 Apr 2019
7237 posts
My eldest ran a session with her at the Gateshead track in the first few weeks of him being up in Newcastle at Uni - said she was really down to earth. I’m a fan of hers with the way she engages with the local club athletics scene too, and parkrun volunteering etc.
17 Apr
8:44am, 17 Apr 2019
4354 posts
The Scribbler
Yeah Aly's a good 'un at local events. Always says hello and acknowledges people who cheer her on. She sold me one of my first pairs of running shoes when she worked at a fitness store in Gateshead about 10 years ago.
17 Apr
8:53am, 17 Apr 2019
6051 posts
Jovi Runner
I remember doing the first Locke Park 20m (laps of 1m each). I thought I was doing well and she lapped me looking as fresh before I'd even finished 3 laps!
19 Apr
6:17pm, 19 Apr 2019
43643 posts
Dibaba has just announced she’s pregnant 🤰 what a fabulous reason to not be running London this year. 😊
19 Apr
6:26pm, 19 Apr 2019
7248 posts
That's lovely news, congratulations to her. There every chance she could come back stronger than ever too as some women do if they choose to return to their running careers.
19 Apr
10:50pm, 19 Apr 2019
14390 posts
Letsrun had her absence down to doping. Lol
7:51am, 20 Apr 2019
7249 posts
Getting pregnant will just be a convenient excuse to mask the epo, is how I reckon the idiots on the will see it!

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