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March Hugathon

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31 Mar
10:15pm, 31 Mar 2017
22396 posts
You know you want to SW hugs
Friday night unconfident hugs - time for bed methinks
1 Apr
2:50am, 1 Apr 2017
11591 posts
Yeah, go on hugs :-(

Sleepless hugs.
1 Apr
2:51am, 1 Apr 2017
11592 posts
That was meant to be a :-)

About This Thread

F-R-I-E-N-D-S do you really need them: Yes.
If you haven’t got a friend, then you’re just you. There’s half as many things that you can do. Who’s going to tell you that you’re not a brat, if not your best friend?

Do you recall when we did that? Yes.
Sharing – the brilliant jokes we’ve had throughout the years (good times together)
It’s not the same when you’re not there.

Friends. Alalapupulala…

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