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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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17 Apr
4:06pm, 17 Apr 2019
6524 posts
paul the builder
Good nuggets in WW's 2 posts on previous page. I'd add a argument #3 from my experience/mindset - I didn't do any sessions in taper that I thought might give me a bad result / confidence knock. Anything that suggested hitting a certain interval pace (that I might miss) - I either did something MP instead, or turned it in to strides (so no real measurable result).

Glad to hear you're recovered Jovi.
17 Apr
4:12pm, 17 Apr 2019
14562 posts
Cheers PTB - phew I'm not a lightweight just because I'm not as nails as larks :-)
17 Apr
4:27pm, 17 Apr 2019
4298 posts
Hope all you london-bound tapirs are thanking your lucky stars that the race isn't this weekend with this weather forecast :-)
17 Apr
4:37pm, 17 Apr 2019
7245 posts
LOL @ Chris - maybe my experience last time around was utterly exceptional in the sense that I just rode a crest of a wave of confidence all the way though. I'm definitely not that tough normally!!
17 Apr
5:55pm, 17 Apr 2019
3993 posts
Windsor Wool
Yep JDA, thank goodness for it being a week later this year!
17 Apr
6:55pm, 17 Apr 2019
6057 posts
Jovi Runner
I've just taken up my Berlin deferred entry so that will give me something to focus on over the summer!
17 Apr
8:25pm, 17 Apr 2019
1159 posts
Daz Love
Some good reads there.

Larks - Good work on taking them recoveries easier 👍👍
17 Apr
11:23pm, 17 Apr 2019
7246 posts
Really paid bucket loads for last night's efforts. Thought I was feeling a bit stiff, but 10 flat miles today nearly wiped me out, with HR to match.

Definitely not currently bullet proof!!

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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help someone else's!) here.

Spring 2019....
These are marathon plans for racing, or participating for fun/training purposes(*):
April 28 - London - Jovi Runner(TBC), B Rubble, Rossco Peeko, Windsor Wool
April 28 - Shakespeare - Chrisull
May 5 - North Dorset - Rog T
medal pint champagne *fist-bump* etc.
Successes in 2019:
- Ian5 (Gran Canaria 3:11)
- MoKenHaile (Manchester 3:14)
- riggsy99 (Boston Lincs 3:13)

parkrun spreadsheet:
Anyone found to be negatively affecting their marathon training with the aim of doing well in this game will be made to read all the Deathmatch threads.
POTM (flexibily defined...)
Gobi #63166, p.6545
(updated 09/02/2018)
"""Guys n Gals - I implore you to think about the effort, wear an HRM but learn about RPE and mostly put away ego and thoughts about natural pace.

Speed is earned through smart running"""

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