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The sub 3.30 marathon thread

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12 Nov
11:53am, 12 Nov 2017
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I'm about 1.5 stone heavier than when I last ran decently. And I hardly touch the ale any more. Cake!
12 Nov
1:11pm, 12 Nov 2017
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Fenland Flier
Having been told 8 weeks or so ago to cut down on bread and cut out hard cheese I've lost 3lb and I'm the lightest I've been in about 3 decades.

This next week is my last week of proper training then it's 3 weeks of tapering. Roll on Malaga, an easy relaxing 2 days (if travelling is relaxing) the marathon and then f**k it it's all inclusive.
12 Nov
4:51pm, 12 Nov 2017
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Like the sound of that FF. A good effort to do a December marathon to keep the thread ticking over until training for the spring starts
12 Nov
8:02pm, 12 Nov 2017
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Sounds like you're in great shape FF :-)

Thanks for your thoughts / comments on the previous page. I did xc yesterday which I did enjoy and actually pushed myself hard at the end. I'd have felt better if I'd run during the week as I was rusty, but stronger than I expected. Still not where I should be relative position-wise but i know i can get it back when i have the time and can be arsed to train properly :-)
12 Nov
8:49pm, 12 Nov 2017
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You've done some stonking running in the last couple of years Clare, it's certainly there for you when you choose to get on it again. Well done for yesterday.

FF You sound almost ready to go. Exciting times as you come to the finishing touches and then get the chance to enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work. Nearly cotton wool time!
13 Nov
11:47am, 13 Nov 2017
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Fenland Flier
Hi all thanks for the comments, I was ready and felt ready too, however, last night at work a cold has descended upon me. It looks like it will be 4 weeks of tapering now instead of 3 :-( Not to worry my legs might appreciate missing Sundays 20 miler :-)

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