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Ian Williams aka Fetch

parkrun thread

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5:44pm, 23 May 2019
4462 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
I always start near the back so those extra seconds to cross the start is roughly the same each time, therefore no need for me to go further forward if going for a PB (not that that’s going to happen any time soon).

I always thought it was just common sense to position yourself in roughly the right place at the start. If I found I was being overtaken by 100s of people in the first 0.5km each week, I’d take note and start further back.
6:03pm, 23 May 2019
4472 posts
Well, if someone slow insists on starting off at the front in a congested start area, then they've got to accept there's a risk they will be barged. With the best will in the world, people don't always have time to react to obstacles that appear with little warning (ie hidden by another runner who dodges round). I've seen it happen just once at my local parkrun (and no I wasn't involved, but close enough for a decent view of events). IIRC the slow runner was actually knocked over, though not injured. It's about on a par with a dog-walker deciding to wander along the path just in front of the start line IMO.
6:50pm, 23 May 2019
27811 posts
Good point. I don't know why we did signs and tape. Perhaps we might try signs. We have pacers every month and that works to seed, I guess. I wonder if the start is better on pacer weeks.
8:31pm, 23 May 2019
54746 posts
Homer: for your PJ finale, you probably know of the Sale Sizzler series, and how many fast times, inc. nationally ranking records.


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A discussion of all things parkrun.

Here's a wiki giving brief reviews of parkruns up and down the land:


Note: Hendo is a boy.

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