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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

parkrun thread

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21 Jan
3:21pm, 21 Jan 2019
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Crawl is not currently listed on parkrun.com or parkrun.org.uk - but walk, jog and run are. parkrun.com parkrun.com :-) G
21 Jan
3:28pm, 21 Jan 2019
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Jovi Runner
I suspect much of the (IMO) garbage coming from parkrun HQ is an attempt to appease the sponsors/get charitable status. Thankfully on the ground things are, at the moment, not too far removed from the good old days! :) In fact due to NT licence requirements we have to be out by10:00 so that does limit the longest time someone would be able to come along and do.
21 Jan
4:02pm, 21 Jan 2019
616 posts
I know I’m liverpool there is the halewood 5k. Been there for years now. Only once a month though but free and timed and with a 10.30 start.
21 Jan
4:03pm, 21 Jan 2019
86 posts
Our funnel (60m+) comes down at 9:45, it's simply not needed any more by then, & that's when the volunteers are available to take it down & pack it all away. Finish Tokens people move up to the finish area, so there is still a group of volunteers at the end.
Even then, with a Tail coming in at 1hour, it's another 10minutes until your in the cafe & can sit down.
If the funnel was to stay up till the very end, as some people were very vocal about on FB, then it would be the RD & the last volunteers putting it all away, so that's another 5+ minutes.
There are also 6 marshals out on the course waiting to be relieved by the Tail.

An occasional 5 or even 10minutes over the hour is not an issue. A regular 15minutes or more over the hour would be.


There's also the issue that as events get bigger, everything pre & post run takes longer.
We have a First Timers briefing at 8:45, then the pre-run at 8:50, then move to the start. A much smaller event could probably do both combined at the start area at 8:55.
We have a lot of volunteers, so they are asked to be there for 8:30 for role briefing & equipment hand out. We have a VC, but it's still a 2 person job on the morning.
Any issues re the course need to have been dealt with by 8:30, because you might have marshals in different places to normal.
Results take longer. 4/5 barcode files take longer than 1. The numbers check takes 4/5mins instead of 1.

So on the day as RD, that's at least 2hours.

As RD, i'll check emails the week before, & check emails the week after & deal with any results issues. That can be another hour.


So, how much more time should I give to parkrun?
If it's more time on the Saturday, then if it's much more you've lost the day.
21 Jan
4:14pm, 21 Jan 2019
87 posts
BHF say;
An average walking pace on country and forestry footpaths is:
20 minutes per mile (3 miles per hour)
12 minutes per kilometre (5 kilometres per hour)

There's also this;

So, the vast majority of people should be able to do a parkrun in ~1hour.
If someone is taking much longer than that regularly, say with regular stops, then maybe parkrun is too far for them at that time.
If we are supposed to be part of the wider community, & part of a 'healthier, happier world', then what is wrong with signposting people to a more suitable starting point.
21 Jan
4:36pm, 21 Jan 2019
65997 posts
HG- which is why I am no longer a key part of any parkrun and only do minimal volunteering.
21 Jan
10:17pm, 21 Jan 2019
928 posts
My (seriously overweight) cousin walked her first parkrun in 1:24:52 (in South Africa where they tend to have a lot more walkers anyway). 53 events later her PB was down to 53 mins. Parkrun significantly contributed to her improved physical and mental health.

IMO it comes down to effort. If someone is obviously trying their best that’s good enough for me. Playing Pokémon Go is taking the piss however.

If I put my name down to volunteer I know there’s a risk that I’ll be out there longer than expected. I’m willing to do that but I understand that others may need to get away before 10am.

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About This Thread

A discussion of all things parkrun.

Here's a wiki giving brief reviews of parkruns up and down the land:


Note: Hendo is a boy.

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