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Ian Williams aka Fetch

parkrun thread

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20 Jul
5:48pm, 20 Jul 2019
6346 posts
Jovi Runner
Happy Grrrr - when I read your post I initially thought how rude not knowing the context 're previous page until I paged back to catch up with the thread. For a moment I though you wetre talking about those larger sized runners LOL
20 Jul
7:16pm, 20 Jul 2019
6637 posts
Linds, yea you can go back in WebFMS to look at history on volunteers. Unfortunately the URL for the journo report doesn’t have a date in it.
20 Jul
7:41pm, 20 Jul 2019
2932 posts
Leicester pr core teams doing outstanding work today.

Leicester Victoria Park had a scanner fail, so have spent much of the day updating people's results manually. Leicester Braunstone Park had a locked gate and had to swiftly redesign the route to accommodate this.

Splendid work!
20 Jul
7:47pm, 20 Jul 2019
3257 posts
It sounds like there have been a few scanner related issues today. I think Walsall also had an issue with one of the scanners.
20 Jul
8:53pm, 20 Jul 2019
27307 posts
Ah. I hadn't realised there wasn't a date in the URL (we rarely add a run report.)
20 Jul
9:10pm, 20 Jul 2019
1388 posts
The only scanner issue I had today was self inflicted! I (having completed my 249th run and having scanned 8 times before) managed to scan the ED’s finish token and barcode the wrong way round! You’d think that between us one of us would have realised in time :-)
20 Jul
9:37pm, 20 Jul 2019
35083 posts
Lip Gloss
Are you going to beat me to the 250th PH....I can't do mine until 10th Aug.
20 Jul
11:25pm, 20 Jul 2019
1390 posts
All being well it will be next weekend :-)
20 Jul
11:26pm, 20 Jul 2019
35086 posts
Lip Gloss

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About This Thread

A discussion of all things parkrun.

Here's a wiki giving brief reviews of parkruns up and down the land:


Note: Hendo is a boy.

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