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20 Oct
4:01pm, 20 Oct 2017
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HALWEA. I'll kick it off on Monday.
20 Oct
4:43pm, 20 Oct 2017
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20 Oct
5:59pm, 20 Oct 2017
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20 Oct
7:34pm, 20 Oct 2017
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One for next year:

A rise in Spam thefts has forced retailers in Hawaii to put their stocks of the luncheon meat under lock and key.

There are concerns in the US that the insatiable demand for Spam is driving darker crimes on the islands, with a growing market this year in middlemen who buy stolen Spam from drug addicts in need of cash.
21 Oct
11:19am, 21 Oct 2017
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21 Oct
12:50pm, 21 Oct 2017
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macca 53
Nice one Glennrs but not as good as this I fear, ER speaking at the Service of Dedication to the Aims and Ideals of the UN

21 Oct
1:07pm, 21 Oct 2017
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It would take a damn long while to guess all those names.

Eleanor Roosevelt v. Spam.

That's what I call a Deathmatch.
21 Oct
1:46pm, 21 Oct 2017
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I thought spam was always kept under lock and key. A very tiny key admittedly
21 Oct
2:25pm, 21 Oct 2017
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Very good Serrers-Dippers.

A thread deathmatch would be great (we’re planning one for the book group soon).

Sodding Beatles vs Canada
Patty Hearst vs Eleanor Roosevelt
Charles Darwin vs Wisconsin

21 Oct
4:26pm, 21 Oct 2017
26537 posts
macca 53
Prague vs Boney (old school classic)

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