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14 Jun
2:26pm, 14 Jun 2017
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Fenland (Fenners) Runner
And I've been a big advocate of Stones but have to admit he is playing rubbish. And has gone backwards over the last twelve months.
14 Jun
2:30pm, 14 Jun 2017
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just when you think scotland find all the ways they can to cock it up, bang goes saturday. think those 2 dropped points have snookered us, and that's more annoying than the GIRUY value of a win. argh.
14 Jun
2:32pm, 14 Jun 2017
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Wriggling Snake
I think the French players are better, and they think about what to do in any given situation, whereas the English look totally inflexible. Agreed about Stones, I thought he was our man to put his foot on it and look.

It's not tatics, or shape of the team, or necessarily the ability of a player, it is how you react to the game in front of them. I reckon all the English players look better in the PL because of the number of overseas players around them tha know what they're doing.

YOu would think it would rub off.
17 Jun
8:16am, 17 Jun 2017
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Doctor K
John Terry reportedly offered £100,000 a week by Birmingham? In the championship that is surely the road to ruin.
17 Jun
10:33am, 17 Jun 2017
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Doctor K - You're telling me. Everything I fear about Harry Redknapp. Trying to buy success in a short time span. Doesn't work. We had Steve Bruce once and he never got us promoted until he retired and came back as a manager.
17 Jun
10:43am, 17 Jun 2017
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Oh and this old article springs to mind - why does everyone hate Harry Redknapp:

"He's the manager for people who don’t know football"

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
17 Jun
3:38pm, 17 Jun 2017
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mr d
Very good Chrisull, "just ****ing run around a bit". That should be on a t-shirt.
17 Jun
3:53pm, 17 Jun 2017
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Doctor K
And I thought Bolton paying 16 grand a week was ridiculous in the second tier.. Goalkeeper on a 4yr contract allegedly one of them and he's got 2 yrs left!
17 Jun
6:59pm, 17 Jun 2017
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Surely John Terry will put 5000 on the gate just by being there? Add in replica shirts and winning more games and he's paid for himself. And that's without the £100 million (or whatever it is quoted at now) for promotion, which might have to wait until next season.

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