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15 Nov
8:44pm, 15 Nov 2017
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Yes Dvorak, I’m looking right at you.
15 Nov
9:07pm, 15 Nov 2017
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Surrey Phil
England will be in pot 2 when the draw is made as we are now ranked 12 in the world. Worst case scenario could be a group with Brazil, Sweden and Nigeria. Then again, I wouldn't mind being paired with Poland, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Even being drawn against Argentina isn't that intimidating any more who are somehow ranked forth in the world at present. One consolation if we draw a European country from pot 1 is that we avoid Sweden, Iceland or even Denmark from pot three.
15 Nov
9:27pm, 15 Nov 2017
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Brazil Sweden and Nigeria would be great
15 Nov
9:52pm, 15 Nov 2017
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TRO Toddslayer
Graham Roberts kicking Charlie Nicholas over the advertising hoardings in an Arsenal-Spurs game, violence erupting on the terraces in response.

Reason I was there: West Ham away up North, where I wasn't allowed to go, so you could just rock up at any other big game you fancied instead and pay cash to get in.

15 Nov
9:54pm, 15 Nov 2017
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TRO Toddslayer
Postie boy: yes. All the lads in the Chicken Run heard the crack. Think it was the second break in a short time.
15 Nov
10:34pm, 15 Nov 2017
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mr d
Butcher had already done that for Ipswich, less blood, but off to the changing rooms for stitches, then back on and the first thing he did was head the ball. It was a crunch top flight survival match against the mighty Oxford United.

Admittedly when we lost the next week and were all but relegated he cried on his way off the pitch. Oxford had a game in hand at home 4 days later to Arsenal who sent the reserves to lose 3-0 and send us down.

I prefer all the final games being played at the same time, but with the FA cup final the following weekend.
16 Nov
8:21am, 16 Nov 2017
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Wriggling Snake
Watch a video of the 1974 Charity Shield match

Liverpool v Leeds.
16 Nov
9:13am, 16 Nov 2017
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John Bach
I'd say that my team has had two of the most mental/hardest footballers I've ever seen - Gary Briggs and Andy Morrison - complete head cases!!
16 Nov
10:17am, 16 Nov 2017
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Shefki Kuqi was a bit of a mentalist.

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