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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Sub 3Hr Marathon

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25 Apr
9:21pm, 25 Apr 2019
1263 posts
Also went on the body analysis thing. Was surprised that I have 18% body fat 😳
25 Apr
9:24pm, 25 Apr 2019
4343 posts
Assuming that was one of these electrode things I don't think they are at all reliable. At least they didn't use to be.

Any numbers I've missed? Any more last minute panics or changes of plans? Hope everyone is enjoying the anticipation!
25 Apr
9:30pm, 25 Apr 2019
12325 posts

best of luck all VMLMers - and those running elsewhere this weekend

If there's anything we can get for you at Fetcpoint (mile 22/texaco garage) do let me know. I have a bucket-load of Gu (and maybe other) gels.

If it's all going wrong there will probably be gin/vodka and lager. Always hugs or a kick up the moon if needed
25 Apr
10:32pm, 25 Apr 2019
1264 posts
Yep it was the electrodes, is there another way?

Apart from being called a fat b@stard by a machine and a sore Achilles I’m raring to go
25 Apr
10:45pm, 25 Apr 2019
4344 posts
I think dunking you in a pool to measure density is better :-). The electrode thing may give a useable indication of trends over time but probably isn't well calibrated in absolute terms. At least that's what I read.
6:29am, 26 Apr 2019
1351 posts
Little Miss Happy
Do you guys not read the pre-race info? It said no goody bags this year 'environmental reasons'.

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