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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Sub 3Hr Marathon

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13 Jul
12:17pm, 13 Jul 2019
4125 posts
Windsor Wool
Here’s my ZF after this morning’s run. Can clearly see the carbon plate now and it’s actually starting to splinter up a bit. It might be time to retire them, bit sad about that though, particularly only 350 miles in!

13 Jul
12:18pm, 13 Jul 2019
14891 posts
Blimey, do you run like an elephant !
13 Jul
12:33pm, 13 Jul 2019
1536 posts
Haha cheers Baz, was one of only a few who bothered to wear fancy dress on the birthday reverse parkrun. The gorilla head kept slipping a bit so I was pretty much running blind until I worked out that I could keep the rubber mask from slipping by biting the mouth hole closed and breathing through the nose. This was only worked out after I had maybe/probably* contributed to a friend decking it at the start as runners were going in all directions 😬....

Tough run aerobically and sweated like a pig but easy on the groin and only really picked up the pace for the last bit as had a buggy runner try to overtake me.

*delete as appropriate.
13 Jul
12:54pm, 13 Jul 2019
4772 posts
WW you're allowed to lift your feet off the ground, or are you training for ice skating?

Got a duathlon coming up, not sure why really but my wife is doing a triathlon and at least this way I don't start with a 10 min deficit and lungs full of water. For those who haven't tried, running off a hard bike ride is ridiculous.
14 Jul
7:37am, 14 Jul 2019
1501 posts
Little Miss Happy
350 miles?!?

Enjoy the du jda.
2:58pm, 15 Jul 2019
260 posts
I was pleased to manage to complete my 100km on Saturday (have blogged). Got round in 10:52, although the time doesn't mean much to me with no benchmark. It was all about the experience really and avenging last year's DNF.
6:50pm, 15 Jul 2019
225 posts
Rog T
Nice one paul0!

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