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Ian Williams aka Fetch

5k - the no-man's land between 20min and 25min...

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13 May
11:58pm, 13 May 2019
3245 posts
mr d
Almost forgot 20:21, 7 seconds faster than my Parkrun PB, think I was always slightly behind sub 20, but I couldn't push in the last mile and hung on to finish.

'Looked painful' was a club-mates description.
14 May
3:33am, 14 May 2019
297 posts
Well done mr d. I managed 20:44 attempting a sub 21 at my 250th parkrun this weekend. I was running well within my self for the first 2k and was fine at 3km. The fourth km was a bit of a struggle but my final km split was really pleasing (4:04 pace). I know have the nagging doubts of how fast I could have gone if I had gone out a bit faster at the start. I have a half in a week and a half now so won't go hard at parkrun again until after that but then I do want to spend some time thinking about a sub 20 attempt later in the year. Project Joker might be a good option for me I think.
14 May
8:20am, 14 May 2019
6513 posts
Nicely done mr d. Does your parkrun have pacers? Hanging onto to a pacer is much easier IMO.

njosmith, great going as well. You might find if you had gone out faster you might have blown up, its not all about the start, it should feel easy (or at least manageable) for the first 2K, and third and fourth Ks are the real fight and in the fifth K then drive for the line (which you seems to have done well). Try and keep your splits as even as possible, so next time aim for 4:08/km for example.
14 May
12:48pm, 14 May 2019
3246 posts
mr d
Good effort NGO, lots of people ran sub 20, so I went out faster than normal and hung on, if I had gone out more conservatively I doubt I could have got the time back later, however my last k was hanging on.

Cheers CW, we do intermittently, I expect to be nearer 22 on the current Ipswich course, but will definitely give sub 20 a go at Felixstowe later in the summer, last time I was there they had pacers, but I was between them.

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