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Aug 2013
8:18am, 19 Aug 2013
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Callum Bampton
Hello - I am a 15 y/o male and have had to take a complete rest from running due to what was a sharp pain in the iliac area of the right hip which was mostly experienced when running. The pain was increasingly getting sharper in the right hip area each day when running and got to the point where the pain limited a full 50 minute workout. The sharpness of the pain is really only felt by movement which causes an exaggerated movement to my hip and when running / walking up stairs / twisting over in bed quickly.

I have a good feeling that the discomfort was caused by the hardness of the road combined with how uneven the camber is; the road is exaggeratedly drained and thus causes a greater proportion of my weight on the right side when facing traffic - this is a big problem and cause of injuries around where we live!

Fortunately, the pain doesn't affect my exercises, not even the side plank and I have began implementing more gluteal and hip exercises to my original routine which already involved a lot of strengthening work around them areas. I have also began icing the area, took up brisk walking, have booked an appointment with my GP for tomorrow and started to eat more vitamin C, A, zinc and protein to help repair any tissue and speed up the rate of recovery.

Also, I am now experiencing a dull ache in my right side of lower back just above the buttocks - I have a feeling these may be related. If anyone has any idea what this is / could be, or any similar experiences or treatment alternatives I would be much appreciated.
Aug 2013
10:45pm, 19 Aug 2013
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Callum, go see a Physio. It may well be that given your age, your body is growing unevenly and therefore putting strains on parts that are not set up for it. It will even out, but best get someone who understands to look at it ( not a GP who will simply say rest it/take Ibuprofen etc etc. unless your GP is V'rap or similar running person!)
Aug 2013
9:16am, 21 Aug 2013
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Callum Bampton
Cstar - I got it checked with GP - and we couldn't get it accurately diagnosed except we could rule out sciatica and hp bursitis. He is very thorough and having been an ex-marathoner, doesn't say rest easily. Rather, he said that running may help the low back pain but taking up walking and cycling are safer alternatives. He seemed to be quite perplexed but he said 'if you experience any pain which is different from the hip / back, then please book an appointment with me'

I woke up today with no pain in lower back and hardly any pain at all in right hip except exaggerated movement. However, all the pain has been transferred to the groin area and is quite mild but becoming a bit more sore.

Is it usual for the pain to keep being transferred around the body from the iliac to the lower back to the groin? I'm rather concerned now, should I get another appointment - I also have a bad feeling that the groin pain will spread down the leg.

Thanks for response Cstar.

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Hello - I am a 15 y/o male and have had to take a complete rest from running due to what was a sharp...

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