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What's making you blush today

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Dec 2017
7:39pm, 18 Dec 2017
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I attended my first team meeting with a new team today. I only found out last night that we were supposed to be wearing Christmas jumpers, and I don't have one, so I decided to wear leggings with a short dress that has bright squiggles all over it. Best I could do. Was picked up by a colleague at 6.45. By 9.30 we were ensconced in the meeting room. No Christmas jumper, but not feeling like a total outcast.......

....... Went to the loo at 12.45 to find my dress was unzipped all down the side. New team. Half of them haven't met me before today. :-o
Dec 2017
8:23pm, 18 Dec 2017
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Merry Fizzmas :-)
Could I say that they saw a side of you they hadn’t expected?

Or maybe they didn’t notice?
Dec 2017
8:29pm, 18 Dec 2017
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Wobbling in a winter wonderland
Oh superb!

Rarely nothing I did today embarrassed me. Last week tho, there were buckets of classic Wobbling moments. The best was describing my interview for my current role as ‘very intimate’ which everyone took to mean ‘sexy’. Unfortunately my boss and one of the intimate interview panel was also on the away-day.

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I attended my first team meeting with a new team today. I only found out last night that we were sup...

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