Very sore foot, what should I do?

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May 2012
8:54pm, 24 May 2012
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Just Matt
I am trying to rest but its so lovely outside I want to go ride / run and I can't :-(
May 2012
9:00pm, 24 May 2012
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Dave A
Try straight bar lacing/lydiard lacing technique through google. The lacing takes tightness from over the top of the foot and relieves pressure on there. With that method you can also miss eyeholes out of the trainer to prevent the lace running directly over the top of the sore bit.
May 2012
9:03pm, 24 May 2012
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Dave A
Or just butcher your laces

[IMAGE 65_33807]
May 2012
8:58am, 28 May 2012
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Just Matt
I have been resting as instructed. I did 1 bike ride that was pretty leisurely last week and that's all I've done. I didn't think I would get stressed but now I'm starting to feel it. I want to get out on the bike, to go running and so on.

I had a little jog yesterday, the sort of very gentle jog that is slightly more than a fast walk - the sort of thing you to do to nip across the road. It was actually to nip across a couple of roads, get between markers 100 yards apart when de-signing a bike route. No speed and just a gentle amble. I couldn't even manage that, it REALLY hurt - right across the top of my foot.

I don't think its cuneiform, its too far down. I think its metatarsal area the one next to my big toe. Its right where the big vein runs across the top. And my ankle/Achilles hurts like hell too. Its REALLY starting to get me down. I've booked a new physio for this morning to get a different opinion. I think I'm not going to tell them anything the other one said, just go as if its a first appointment.

I want to be out on the bike but need them to say its ok. I', supposed to be helping out on a 50mile ride-out on Sunday, Great Manchester Bike on bank holiday, an England Athletics leadership course on the 9th, Potters Half on the 10th and loads of other stuff and I've managed bugger all training in the last week or two :-(
May 2012
11:00am, 28 May 2012
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I suffered from something similar last summer and had to take six weeks off running. I did loads of swimming, circuits and weights though. Cycling was O.K. as long as I didn't stand up. And I didn't lose much fitness.
I think tight calves may have contributed to my problem so I did lots of calf stretches and also made sure I didn't tie my laces too tight, especially in hot weather.
Hope it gets better soon.
May 2012
12:14pm, 28 May 2012
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Just Matt
Been to the physio - it seemed to be a very different approach from the last place. We had a chat, then he had me walking up and down in a studio, up and down steps, squats, lunges, various stretches. Then spent a good time mobilising my foot.

His explanation - when I went for the sprint the forefoot 'locked' up so it needed to be mobilised and released. He worked the foot and parts were painful, but each time he tried something and I retried the stretch it felt better. Finished off by K-taping it and telling me to go and get out on the bike, get swimming, even try a gentle jog / run and go back in on Friday.

I shall stick with this place I think - I go the for massage anyway and the rest of the facilities are great. The old place reminds me of the Monty Python sketch 'The Machine That Goes Ping'

I have some stuff to do for the rest of the morning, and this pm I shall try the bike :-)
3 Jun
1:16am, 3 Jun 2022
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I'd try a llama instead

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