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verrucas or is it verrucae?

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Jun 2013
3:03pm, 4 Jun 2013
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I always advise leaving them alone. All forms of "treatment" (apart from duct tape, or selling the verruca to your granny for a penny) are potentially damaging to surrounding healthy skin, and statistically they're so ineffective that all they achieve is making people think that something is being done while they're waiting for the verruca to go away in its own sweet time. And they ALWAYS go away by themselves when enough of the virus gets into the bloodstream to generate an immune system response to it.

Although the verruca virus is infectious, it's not dangerous, and swimming pools, gyms and domestic floors are usually hoaching with it already so I explicitly advise continuing to do swimming, PE and the like.

I have no preference for verrucae or verrucas, both are acceptable :)
Jun 2013
3:15pm, 4 Jun 2013
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I had hoped you'd pop along Vrap :-)

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