Type 1 diabetic glycaemic control

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May 2017
10:46pm, 4 May 2017
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Hi I promised I would ask on behalf of a good friend who is type 1 diabetic. When running on a race she gets really nervous beforehand and noticed this has a massive effect on her blood glucose levels. Not so much at the start but finishing her glucose levels are really high. Usually she has close control and keeps between 4-7. After her most recent 10k after finishing her blood glucose was mid 20's ( at start she was within range) she thinks it's to do with effects of adrenaline you know like flight or fight as she does get nervous, just wondering if anyone had experience and found the same? When she runs on her own (anything up to an hour ) it doesn't have this effect .it's actually put her off entering any more 10k races.

Is this something others have found?
May 2017
5:55am, 5 May 2017
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NiceIronDad (NID)
She needs a good chat with a diabetes specialist nurse or doc. General advice would be unhelpful and potentially dodgy, although of course needs to be congratulated and encouraged about exercise.

Having said that these guys may be worth linking in with:
May 2017
5:05pm, 5 May 2017
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She has excercised regularly for a number of years and is a strong runner but just wondered if anyone else had experienced high blood glucose with the stress of running an organised race. she doesn't want advice as such so maybe I miss worded the initial post. she has decided to run for own enjoyment and not to do organised races anymore.running 10k or an hour or so on her own doesn't have the same effect and her blood glucose levels are stable. Maybe she is just odd!
May 2017
5:11pm, 5 May 2017
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Thanks nice iron dad for the link, I've emailed it to her

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Hi I promised I would ask on behalf of a good friend who is type 1 diabetic. When running on a race ...

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