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Feb 2012
9:17pm, 6 Feb 2012
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wiener dog
I do all my speed work on a tredmill winter and summer, but that is really because I have no Garmin and also know I would not do the intervals outside even if I did as I would just not have the discapline and would slow down every time I saw something interesting. With the treadmill I have no choice but to run at the speed set unless I want to fall off the back. As I said I am a bit weird though.
Feb 2012
9:31pm, 6 Feb 2012
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3rded what was said about incline. Run to HR if it's really bothering you.
Feb 2012
9:36pm, 6 Feb 2012
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The debate lives on. Some claim the wind resistance thing is a real issue, some deny it. I like a slight incline as it pushes me onto a forefoot landing which often starts to get a bit scrappy at speed.
The ease at which you can run at pace on a tready is most likely due to calibration errors. I shot through 1200m intervals at 6mm pace the other week, but it wasn't on one of my 'regular' treadmills. When i went back to one of the usual machines it was hard again.
Some coaches recommend incline, some don't. Some recommend a higher pace for an equivalent road pace, some don't.

Running to HR is about the best you can do, but then again, you could just put a film on and jog along in the warmth. :)
Feb 2012
10:02pm, 6 Feb 2012
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I have quizzed the Life Fitness engineer who services the three Life Fitness treadmills in my office gym at such length that I think he is convinced I am a treadmill fetishist . . . .

In terms of speed and distance accuracy. . . .

Basically the models we have (9500HR and 95Ti) have an internal consistency check between the known length of the belt and the motor speed and if the computer detected a problem, it would indicate a fault. Do other treadmills work this way ? I don't know but I find other makes of treadmill a bit crap in comparison if I'm honest - so insist on Life Fitness . . .

"Just run faster" seems to cover the issue of being easier than outside.
Feb 2012
10:04pm, 6 Feb 2012
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In my gym (I don't own it) they are all life fitness, not sure which model, but probably all similar, just with different combinations of tv screen and iPod connectors.
I wonder if the ones in 'pervs row' (in front of the pool) seem easier because the aircon is better, and there are things to distract you?
Feb 2012
10:19pm, 6 Feb 2012
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I'm the opposite
If I put the treadmill on my easy run outside pace it feels really hard!
Feb 2012
10:30pm, 6 Feb 2012
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Son of a Pronator Man
My gym has several treadmills. I always use the same one because, even if the speed is wrong, it will always be the same "wrong"
Feb 2012
10:49pm, 6 Feb 2012
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Treadmill sucks your foot from under you so is pretty different to running outdoors.

I use them for hard sessions although this has to come from incline as most don't go fast enough.

I do what I call a 2 at 2 workout which is usually over fast and breaks up the monotony.

Start at 6kph at 2% incline
after 2 minutes, raise the speed 2kph and also the incline 2%

Depending on how long you want the work out to last, you can just raise the speed or just raise the incline.

Come back to 2% at 6kph to rest and repeat

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