Transgender exercise - Lets Fetch Everyone

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6 Jul
6:31pm, 6 Jul 2022
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Oh no, not a ringing endorsement!
6 Jul
7:29pm, 6 Jul 2022
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I'm under a lot of stress at the moment so I find I do fall asleep quite easily, and it was after doing a lot of mileage at London Pride and round Docklands/Bloomsbury on the Sunday.

The bit I saw was excellent though - except for Dame Kelly, which ironically is where I fall asleep. I don't want to listen to a transphobe.
4 Aug
7:02am, 4 Aug 2022
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Interestingly, this race event has non-binary age-groups
4 Aug
1:31pm, 4 Aug 2022
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Nice to see. Disappointing that this is still not the norm
14 Nov
9:11pm, 14 Nov 2022
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Not sure if this is the right thing or way to say it but Happy Transgender Awareness
15 Nov
9:12am, 15 Nov 2022
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Thank you NDWDave :)
15 Nov
9:15am, 15 Nov 2022
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Happy Transgender Awareness ... week !

Missed out the important word for those not aware
15 Nov
9:33am, 15 Nov 2022
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15 Nov
4:40pm, 15 Nov 2022
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Happy week!

Lately,I have been very much enjoying the Instagram account as an example of properly going out of one's way to be a better ally.

At work we're locally promoting some central FCDO organised events this week, and I have a sneaking suspicion that a colleague who asked if they could have a confidential chat with me in the morning might be about to voice some biological essentialism in response to them, so I'm mentally preparing myself for that this evening.

I will probably not *exactly* follow Laura's example above, but I will certainly have it in mind.
16 Nov
9:02am, 16 Nov 2022
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(thankfully I was wrong! It was about something completely different)

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About This Thread

Maintained by CreatureOfTheHill
A thread about how we can encourage and include people in whatever exercise they are interested in and removing barriers to participation.

Amendments/Corrections/Requests just ask for a sidebar edit.
This is NOT comprehensive, just some helpful shorthand.

Gender Identity ≠ Gender Expression ≠ Anatomical Sex ≠ Sexual Orientation

Anatomical sex = The physical aspects that make you fit into a category based on genitals, chromosomes etc i.e. Intersex, Female, Male...
Gender identity = The internal view of gender, the way you see yourself.
Gender expression = The way you present to others externally through clothing, behaviours, language and other social signals.

Sexual orientation = Who you are attracted to.

None of the above are dependent on any of the others, individuals may relate one to another in their specific case, but assuming what one might be based on observation of another is not a sound basis for determination.

Transgender (Trans) = When your gender identity does not match your identity assigned at birth based on anatomical sex.
Cisgender (Cis) = When your gender identity matches your identity assigned at birth based on anatomical sex.
Non Binary (Enby) = When your gender identity doesn't fall into either of the female/male choice. It may exist somewhere on the spectrum between woman and man, either stable of fluctuating between woman-ness and man-ness. This may encapsulate those that may use terms such as genderfluid, agender, demigender et al.

Pronouns = she/her, him/his, them/they etc...
How to refer best to someone else. Really simply, follow their lead. Ask if unsure, be polite. If corrected, it's not a problem unless you repeatedly ignore correction.

Transition = The process somebody goes through to alter their physical attributes to better match their gender identity and expression.

Dysphoria = The distress a person feels due to a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. Can fluctuate and be experienced at varying degrees.
Dysmorphia = Discomfort with the shape/form of the body. Present in eating disorders and the like, but can often effect transgender people, with triggers such as body hair presence/absence, chest/genital presentation etc.
Deadname - The name a person is assigned at birth, that they no longer use.

Triggers = Things that are known to cause an effect. Typically, X causes a person to experience dysphoria/dysmorphia. Sometimes these can be managed/avoided, other times they are inevitable.

amab = assigned male at birth (originally born anatomically male)

afab = assigned female at birth (originally born anatomically female)

ftm = female to male transitioner
mtf = male to female transitioner
egg = state of somebody before becoming aware they were transgender i.e. "their egg cracked when they realised and began to emerge"
GIC/GIS = Gender Identity Clinic/Service, providing transition services
GRS = Gender Reassignment Surgery

General notes:
* Not everyone will be comfortable talking about their situation, depending on where they are.
* Not everyone has the language to articulate how they feel, what they want to say. Be patient.
* These things are NOT static, what you encounter in a person today may evolve into something else later.
* Am I trans/cis/enby etc... Frankly, you tell us. Whatever YOU are comfortable with at the time is what we will adopt. It is YOUR identity.
* This language is weird. Yup, and we (CreatureOfTheHill) as a plural system talk strange too, it's OK. We (CreatureOfTheHill) are not "normal", never have been.
* Am I weird/abnormal? Possibly, but it has NOTHING to do with being here or being trans/enby or whatever. People just are in general, and that is OK, we love you for your quirkiness.

Genderbread Person

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