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Training plan

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Jun 2015
3:43pm, 9 Jun 2015
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Nick Cook
I could never do a 4 week plan. I don't know what I'm doing in four days time, let alone four weeks.

Most of my training is cycling, but I don't do it if it's going to pour down with rain. I also plan to swim once a week, but I try and do that when it is raining.

I think with peoples differing use of the plan, an optional copy would be good.
Jun 2015
3:55pm, 9 Jun 2015
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I use the plan when I'm following a set plan - which tends to be twice a year - for target Half marathons for example. I quite like getting a reminder of what I'm supposed to be doing. I agree that sometimes it would be nice to be able to edit the planned run rather than uploading from a Garmin, but if it's identical in terms of distance etc then I just delete the planned version. Sometimes, as Fetch says, I do something different - for example a club session might not match the speed session, so I quite like having the two alongside each other.
Jun 2015
8:02pm, 9 Jun 2015
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I don't see what's so difficult about clicking the bin icon. It's just a click. You're on the page anyway. Just click it.
Jun 2015
8:15am, 10 Jun 2015
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There's nothing difficult about it, in the same way there was nothing difficult about having to manually upload from Garmin before the Garmin sync option came up, or logging on on a PC rather than a mobile.

It would just make it a little slicker to use, I've used the plan several times but always get fed up of having to go through my log deleting duplicates so stop eventually.

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