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Training pace - I don get it ...

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Sep 2012
6:44pm, 30 Sep 2012
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Ian M
MR, I did say it was a highly simplified explanation! The main point being bringing about mitochondria and capillary development and not compromising it.

Stress hormones are part of the picture, also lactate build up.

I was referring to cortisol, something I remembered off the top of my head that's all. ultrunr.com

As I have said before though, there are plenty of books available where people can get all the detail they need. Most folk though just want a quick simple explanation, like run slower and you will get more aerobically fit and as a result will be able to run better.
Sep 2012
7:19pm, 30 Sep 2012
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Magpie Rob
OK it just sounded the wrong way round to me, like the heart was stimulating hormone release. And I don't think we need to worry too much about hydrocortisone unless we are overtraining. I use HR training and have read the Parker book which I would recommend.

Clatters, I looked at your recent training log. You are a similar age to me and have similar times up to half-marathon. But you don't do nearly enough training if you want to be your best! I am running around 200 miles per month yet you have logged only 268 for the year. You are clearly a gifted runner. With decent base mileage, you would leave me standing! Let's see what you can do...! :)
Sep 2012
8:11pm, 30 Sep 2012
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Thanks Magpie ..... I'm only too aware I don't do enough training / mileage. With 2 young children, no sleep at night and a full time job it's a wonder I do any at all !! I WANT to do more, because I think (with my new-found knowledge is PROPER training!) I can really look to chop some decent chunks of my various PB's ....

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