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Time to mark your territory

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Jul 2014
12:40pm, 23 Jul 2014
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Could the notification emails say for each connection you pass your current position on the leaderboard? So something like (currently 1st out of 2) or similar?
Jul 2014
1:11pm, 23 Jul 2014
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I think this isn't really a game, it all seems a bit pointless to me - not like Fetchpoint.
Jul 2014
1:51pm, 23 Jul 2014
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it has only just started

- maybe give it a few months to develop?
Feb 2015
7:04pm, 2 Feb 2015
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Is anything happening with checkpoints? It's kind of nice to see if you are getting faster but it would be good to have something else* as well


*if only I knew what the something else was! I am sure some people people will have some competitive element ideas!
Dec 2017
12:36pm, 22 Dec 2017
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Hmm, still. Two problems. The Checkpoints are tend not to make logical sections. They are almost always not where I'd put them on a map. I don't know how it works on Str*v* - people designate the sections? So for example, I might like to have a couple of bits where there is a top and a bottom of a hill. Or a clear stretch out of town. The situation now is that even if one Checkpoint may be in more or less the right place and the other one is round a corner or off route so the time between them (if I even ever hit the second one) doesn't mean much.

The other problem is hardly anyone travels through "my" bit: I have 101 sections and the next two people have 17 and 6 (and annoyingly they have gone mush faster so I'm not nearly as far ahead as those first figures would suggest ;-)).

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Here's a YouTube walkthrough:


I'm building a map of common route checkpoints, based on everywhere we run.


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