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Thoughts on my training

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Nov 2013
10:34am, 6 Nov 2013
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Nov 2013
10:35am, 6 Nov 2013
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She's here all week folks. Don't forget to tip your waitress. ;-)
Nov 2013
10:35am, 6 Nov 2013
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TRO Saracen
Strewth, OP, you sound like an MP trying to answer a direct question.
Nov 2013
11:09am, 6 Nov 2013
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TROS - I refer you to my previous answer :)
Nov 2013
11:15am, 6 Nov 2013
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yes it is the "less than" sign that upsets things - always has done it's an anti spam measure of some sort

Yes you will notice as soon as you've overdone it and get tired / wiped out - or at least I did/do

Some overdoing it is good - learning when it's too much is important.

There is another "rule" that your long run shouldn't be any more than 50% of weeks mileage - and preferably less. I found the midweek medium long run helpful - IF I kept it slow.

One speedier session a week - or fortnight is plenty - using parkrun for that is a good idea.
Nov 2013
11:26am, 6 Nov 2013
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Good advice from Rosehip. If I were you I would use the time before Xmas just to build up a base, lots of nice easy running to get your body ready for the harder work once marathon training commences properly. I wouldn't actually start marathon training yet, it's far too early and by the time April comes you'll be fed up of it. Be careful of your long run, it's needs to be in proportion of the weekly mileage, it shouldn't be the biggest part of it otherwise every long run will be extremely hard work.

If you start to get tired just ease off, you should be working on a 4 week cycle with the 4th week being a cut back week. It's like taking steps then going back slightly so you can tackle the next level. Don't under estimate the value of rest. Just my thoughts :-)
Nov 2013
12:17pm, 6 Nov 2013
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RH - I appear to be incapable of running slowly at Parkrun (not that I run particularly fast there either, and my PB was set in July - haven't attempted to beat it since I sprained my ankle). So I guess that means I'd be better not Fartlekking tomorrow, and save it for a week when I can't do Parkrun.

My long run is <50% of total mileage, so that's good. Now I know I need to keep it that way :)

Loz - I've done the three weeks up/1 week down twice now, and it was the 3rd week of the second cycle that did me in. So now, I'm trying 2 up/1 down.

And I'm interested in the distinction between what I'm doing now (gradually building up my longest run and overall mileage) and what I'll be doing once marathon training commences properly. Unless I go onto a structured off the shelf plan - which I'm not currently planning to.... I'll just be doing more of what I'm doing now. Won't I?

I'm not targetting any particular time - just want to get round comfortably. So I've only got three reasons for doing a bit of speedwork:

1) I like to know what I'm capable of - the odd effort at Parkrun is fine for that, once every 6-8 weeks is ample;

2) I understand speed work helps with endurance, so a session a couple of times a month will help me complete the marathon more comfortably (not neccesarily faster)
3) Sometimes I get bored with running slowly, and like to blow away the cobwebs.

I can't see me submitting to a regime of regular intervals or hill workouts, I really can't.
Nov 2013
8:35am, 7 Nov 2013
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less than...?
Nov 2013
9:32am, 7 Nov 2013
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Nov 2013
9:38am, 7 Nov 2013
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Derby Tup
Fantastic thread :-)

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