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Thoughts on my training

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Nov 2013
5:40pm, 7 Nov 2013
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Eureka indeed. Now I know.

I already think I'm marathon training... a few harder efforts here and there are about as complicated as I want to get.

Looking at my diary for next week, I am seriously going to struggle to fit in a long run (2 hr 30 was what I had planned), unless I get up at 5am and run in the dark - and I'm not doing that. So looks like I'll have an easier week next week, and come back with a longer run the following week. Such is life.
Nov 2013
10:18pm, 7 Nov 2013
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Ninky Nonk
Just read this thread from the start.

Funniest thing I've read in ages. :-)

FWIW don't analyse too much. Just run as much and often as you can. If life gets in the way don't try and 'make up' training by going faster.

If you're tired rest. If you feel good keep going. Stretch regularly. If things hurt rest. Most of all enjoy it.

Sorry if all that sounds sanctimonious.
Nov 2013
11:22pm, 7 Nov 2013
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Funniest thing.... you mean you didn't read penis beaker on mumsnet?

Your advice sounds good to me. Analysing is part of the fun (for me) - I spend a lot more time thinking/talking about running than I do running.

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