Thigh Pain

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Feb 2016
10:15am, 4 Feb 2016
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I never usually have any trouble with my thighs. That was until last Saturday. I am in training for London Marathon and so while the miles have been going up slowly I am following a sensible plan with no more than 10% per week. This isn't my first Marathon and do run 2 or 3 Halfs a year so I should know my own body.

Just over a week ago my 16 mile run left me with slightly tired legs as you would expect with the thighs a little sore. The soreness is approximately two to three inches directly above the knee. It was in both legs. I carried on through the week with the 5 Mile Easy, 8 Mile Easy and then on the Friday I did the 5 Mile Tempo. The thighs were still a bit sore.

My first mistake was rather than resting a day I went out on a 13 mile run on Saturday morning. My next mistake was after only 4 miles when my left thigh started hurting rather than aching I didn't stop. I carried on for the full 13 miles and almost ended up carrying my left leg like a dead weight.

When I finished I was barely able to climb stairs. Ironically my right leg was fine with no pain at all.

It is now Thursday and I have massaged, iced, rubbed and stretched but I can still feel the pain slightly when I climb stairs or try to stand from a crouching position. If I attempt a slight jog I can also feel it.

Any ideas on what I may have done, how long it might take before I can train again and what the easing back into a Marathon plan should look like? I'm obviously not going to start with this Saturday's 18 Miler and I am already looking at shifting what this weeks training on a week or too meaning I will need to remove one of the 20 mile long run weeks at least.
Feb 2016
10:32am, 4 Feb 2016
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DISCLAIMER: I have no medical qualifications at all, unless you count a C at GCSE Biology. If you listen to what I say, then more fool you.

Sounds like a strained quad muscle? Mine tend to take a bit more of a beating on hilly runs, probably more so coming down the hills, as they have to act as the brakes for the rest of me.

How about a few days rest, and then if you feel great just walking about, going for a short tester run (a mile or two) to see how you cope? I don't know what your marathon goals are, but if you're already up to 16 miles, then you're way ahead of the game, in my opinion. Better to look after yourself, and make it safely to race day.
Feb 2016
10:34am, 4 Feb 2016
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Looking at the last 28 days of your training, the seven day totals go: 27, 29, 34, and 18 so far this week. It might be a good time for a cutback week in any case, and your body is probably pointing you in that direction.
Feb 2016
11:10am, 4 Feb 2016
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When I've had quad pain from increased volume it's often been linked to a muscle weakness elsewhere. Quads are big powerful muscles so pick up the slack if another muscle isn't working properly (the glutes in my case)

It might be worth sticking a little strengthening workout in your training - just a few minutes a day of squats, lunges and heel raises

DISCLAIMER - I have an A* in Biology but it was Dual Award Science, not a single subject so I know the sweet sum of bog all as well :-)
Feb 2016
7:33pm, 9 Feb 2016
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Thanks guys. Common sense really which is something I seem to lack when injured. I just want to get back out there.
So on Saturday I tried to do 3 miles. While I could sense the injury was there it didn't cause real pain however the muscle is obviously not right because on 2.5 miles the thigh pulled but further up the muscle just over halfway from the knee. I have massaged and iced and stretched.
Monday I tried 2 miles on the treadmill (slow) but stopped after 1.5miles due to a twinge. Lots of icing , massage and stretch and I tried again tonight (Tues). My aim was 3 miles which I started off slow. I upped it to just over 6mph fairly soon on and lasted the entire 3 miles without pain. There was a slight ache towards the end but I think more icing, massage, roller, stretch and I will be ok to do 5 miles outside tomorrow.
Feb 2016
11:36am, 18 Feb 2016
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5 Miles was ok but an 8 miles a day later wasn't. Had to stop training for a few days. A week later I have tried a 5 mile run and had to stop after 4 miles. It isn't really hurting but running on would have caused a problem.

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