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The use of water /stroke gels on runs!

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May 2015
9:07pm, 10 May 2015
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GeneHunt59 - SIS gels take *me* about 20 minutes to kick in when I'm running. I would personally start thinking about water or a gel if I was going out for ore than 2 hours - but thinking doesn't mean I'd necessarily take it, depends on the weather...

If it's really hot (say 25deg plus) and I'm doing a hard effort, I've learned from experience that I'm better off pouring water over my head than drinking it.
May 2015
9:11pm, 10 May 2015
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I'll take a small amount of water, about 200ml, for anything 20 miles plus. In summer I'll take a full bottle, 500ml.
May 2015
9:47pm, 10 May 2015
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I wouldn't take any water for ten miles, if it is hot I'd just drink extra before I left and on finishing. I don't use gels but might take sweets (barley sugars for me, one last three miles).

Having said that, I've trained myself to do that as I'm sure others have. You might prefer to carry something, just in case.

(Aldi has these fruit bars now, they are firm but moist. I've not tried them on the hoof, but I reckon they would be downable in motion and more agreeable than gels and about as energy giving. At 5x30g for £1.50 a bit cheaper too.)
May 2015
9:54pm, 10 May 2015
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I think it depends on how much fluid you lose whilst running , i lose a lot though sweat therefore it needs putting back, little and often i think is the rule of thumb , as for gels anything under 90mins i never bother , Jelly Babies they rock :)

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