The Passion - Book Group Discussion thread

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Dec 2016
9:11pm, 17 Dec 2016
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Didn't like it. It never gripped me, couldn't bring myself to care about the characters or what happened to them.

And I agree with everything McG says in his last-but-one paragraph.
Dec 2016
10:37pm, 17 Dec 2016
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The Scribbler
What I enjoyed about The Passion was less about the story and the characters than the framework that they gave to examine bigger themes such as love, passion, obsession.

I was struck by the section in The Zero Winter, talking about soldiers as heartless men. And there were beautiful descriptions of darkness, and a line, which of course, now I can't find, that captured the essence of depressesion, something about being closed in.

In the final chapter, I thought the thoughts on the impossibility of choice when you find passion late in life, were acute and powerful.

I'm really glad I read it and I think it was a good choice of something that I wouldn't necessarily have picked up. It's also been a wonderful contrast to the much more grounded in real life The Outrun, that I'm reading now.
Dec 2016
8:51am, 22 Dec 2016
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Dr TinselD
I'd read it before, when I was a lot younger and more tolerant...
I hated the first part: too much description, wandering prose. I liked part two but I am a bit of a sucker for MR and really liked the character. I enjoyed the book then to the end. Like The Scribbler, I liked some of her thoughts on bigger themes. The passages about the nine nights and the feelings when your passion is impossible, I thought, were beautiful and evocative.

Thanks for choosing, Daz.
Dec 2016
6:44pm, 25 Dec 2016
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I loved it definitely by the end wouldn't have picked this book myself but glad I did read it

Found it moving and the words flowed. She certainly had a way with words. Felt sad at the end yes I'm a romantic this is different to being into romance. Not every story has a happy ending

Thank you Daz
Dec 2016
3:44pm, 31 Dec 2016
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Seven Little Nemos a-swimming
I wasn't sure what to expect from this book as I have read 2 books by the author before. I loved Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit but didn't enjoy Sexing The Cherry much at all. This was a more straightforward read so it was more to my taste. I enjoyed Henri's sections more, I found they had more story to them and I loved the idea of someone employed just to cook Napoleon's chickens! I could feel the cold of the Russian campaign.

The Venetian sections were slightly odder and I found the abrupt change when it got to the second part hard to get used to. They were still good but I wan't quite as interested in that side of the story.

There was a lot of unrealistic things in the book but they didn't jar too much as it was beautifully written in parts.

I gave this book a 7
Dec 2016
3:56pm, 31 Dec 2016
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Seven Little Nemos a-swimming
Having read all the comments now it's interesting to see people's views on Magic Realism. It's something I tend to hate (I really struggled with Midnight's Children and I LOATHE The House of Spirits) so I guess the reason I could put up with the hints of it in this book are because it was MR-lite.

I liked the "You Play..." quotes. If you're a gambler this seems an apt summing up of your attitude to life. Like the way Napoleon needed to keep fighting even while he was losing.

And I forgot to say thanks to Daz for choosing it :-) I may give some more of her books a go.
Dec 2016
5:21pm, 31 Dec 2016
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I must say I liked Midnight's Children, but perhaps only in the way I like Salvador Dali. Captivating, but ultimately sterile.
Dec 2016
11:07pm, 31 Dec 2016
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I'm glad my choice seemed to go down OK (mostly 7's and 8's in the voting)
I really loved it - it's the sort of book I can imagine I will re-read many times in the future

Nemo - I DNF'd House Of The Spirits - good to hear I'm not on my own with that one

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This here is a thread for the discussioning of Jeanette Winterson's third novel The Passion as chosen by Daz the Slug as the December 2016 book.

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