The not-so-high training, self indulgence, weight gain for performance thread

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Oct 2013
8:03pm, 13 Oct 2013
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(Apologies to Curly for the thread title parody) So everybody knows about optimum weights for races, the calculators that show you how much extra time gets added if you put on just one kilo...So what happens if you put on 2 kilos and immediately as you put on 2 kilos, you start get faster again?

So ok cycling is most definitely not running, Brad Wiggins added a stone allegedly to help him with the time trialling at the world championships.... and my current favourite book de jour that attempts to summarise the latest thinking in training and running science, such as "altitude training is a load of bollocks on a par with homeopathy" (Ok I paraphrase a tad here) , and even here, says that weight loss if it doesn't come from the abdomen, then weight loss can be performance inhibiting - stuff to do with running economy and how it alters your running economy.

So here is the rub my ideal racing weight, depending on which formula you use is 61.9 - 62.9kg. All through the spring/summer, I've been tipping the scales at 64/65 kilos. Now past couple of weeks (birthdays/cold snap) I breach 67 kilos, and my 15 miles time comes down by over 2 minutes in 2 weeks, I have a season best 10k, I record my best ever 800m interval splits. Counter intuitive or what? So is it just me or have other people gained by adding a little (not a lot) of weight?
Oct 2013
8:22pm, 13 Oct 2013
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I race better with a few extra pounds on too. Normally site around the 9st 12lbs mark (what's with the metric shit? ;)) nbut sitting at 10 stones and a pound or two usually means I will run better. I have no idea why that is because in my mind, I'm carrying extra unnecessary weight, like carrying a couple of bags of sugar in a race.

There is probably some ideal weight for the individual, rather than the generic stuff that you read on the web. I've been under 9st 12lbs but tend to find that I am hungry all the time so maybe I no longer have the fuel to train/race. Again this could be down to what I eat and how that transfers to energy in the body. I am sure elites have nutritionists at hand to control what they eat and how much to enable optimum performance
Oct 2013
12:34pm, 14 Oct 2013
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The bags of sugar analogy is the one I always hear too.

Perhaps it's because I'm a bit more relaxed, bit more can't be arsed, not expecting anything but to be honest it usually translates to a can't be arsed not too good kind of performance.

So anyone else found that binging on the choccie biscuits before a race helps bring their time down? And let's be honest it's more far than starving yourself too.
Oct 2013
12:45pm, 14 Oct 2013
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Chrisull, could you put it down to a good summers training coming to fruition? Are you well rested currently?

Lots of other possible influences i'm sure.

I'm fat and slow at the moment, so what thread should i be on ?

Oct 2013
1:14pm, 14 Oct 2013
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Heavier never makes you faster. But you could be heavier and faster for any number of reasons - like the ones you've listed: relaxed, properly rested, properly fuelled, better trained (probably the most likely one!) etc. Just cos the two happen together doesn't prove a causal link.

For those who have properly rested, properly fuelled and trained to their best, then a few lbs lighter is better, all other things being equal. Imho etc.! :-)G
Oct 2013
4:15pm, 14 Oct 2013
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Ok so I have made some changes in my training, and I was being a little contrary, but there is obviously a level of weight that you can't go below, before you lose the benefits, and what happens if for whatever reason your racing weight is higher than the "optimum race weight"? AFAIK none of my pbs come from when my weight is closest to optimum, this is now over 7 years of racing.

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(Apologies to Curly for the thread title parody) So everybody knows about optimum weights for races,...

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