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The lets motivate each other to do our strength and core work thread...

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May 2020
7:47pm, 23 May 2020
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Have you tried any of the bodyweight crossfit workouts? If you google "Wodwell" or "CrossFit Workout of the Day" you'll find loads of suggestions for good testing strength/core/balance exercises in challenging routines.
Oct 2020
5:52pm, 3 Oct 2020
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I'll just leave this here then:

Oct 2020
10:04pm, 3 Oct 2020
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I think you probably should, yes.
Oct 2020
12:11pm, 4 Oct 2020
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I'm not sure that that is motivation. ;-) :)
Nov 2021
6:13pm, 26 Nov 2021
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Little Critter
I tried the core H 10 minute workout this evening. Either I have short upper arms or a particularly saggy arse because I can barely get any clearance between the ground and my bum on the first exercise (and I was trying to be straight)

It was suggested I should do strength training to avoid injury. Most of the videos listed seem to focus on the core. Is that the important bit to work on? Should I be working on bum / legs too?
I ask because my weakness seems to be the outside of my left ankle.
Nov 2021
8:29am, 27 Nov 2021
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I can’t get much clearance on prone elbow stand either.

I would work on a range of things, not just core but single leg stuff too, stability and mobility work.

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About This Thread

Maintained by The Terminator
This is the place to motivate, share ideas and plans and tell us success stories regards improvements in your running and day to day life as a result of your strength and core work.

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