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Aug 2012
11:55am, 9 Aug 2012
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Hi everyone,

I started running three months ago, initially because I have always been short of breath. On a mountain hike at 11,000ft, chubby office workers were strolling past me.Turns out they were hobby runners. I also purchased a Powerbreath device and have been using it every day.

Now, three months and c. 400 miles on, I am still out of breath when I run. Not as bad as before, but still pathetic compared to others. OK, I'm 64 and a relative novice, but 70 year olds are running past me without sounding like Thomas the Tank Engine!

Mine is a constant state, no 'attacks' so I'm seriously hoping that I'm not asthmatic. I haven't smoked for the past 31 years and live in a very clean environment. Anyone else in the same boat? Or have advice for me?

Many thanks, Bill
Aug 2012
11:58am, 9 Aug 2012
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if you haven't seen your doctor for a check up, then you should
those 70 year olds you mention have probably been doing it for the last 30 years and so have an advantage
As ong as your doctor is happy there's no underlying problem causing you to be short of breath, I would suggest slowing right down, letting the CV fitness slowly build up and it will come right with time
Aug 2012
11:59am, 9 Aug 2012
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HB has wise words, and she's in the know.
Aug 2012
1:06pm, 9 Aug 2012
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Wow - a near-instant reply! Thank you HB

I will get to the doc as soon as I can, although knowing when I am going to be near home/surgery is a problem at the moment. As for running slowly, I tried to run 5min/km on a treadmill and had to slow down, finishing 5km at 5:23/km with only 1% gradient. I tried a test at the gym where I had to blow into a tube. My result was over 500ml, which I was told is quite good.

I'm probably just being impatient. I have really taken to fell running and my breathing is costing me 10 or more places in each race. I can speed walk past people running/jogging on the steeper slopes, but have to keep slowing/walking on lesser gradients (10-15%).

Onwards and upwards - slowly!
Aug 2012
1:15pm, 9 Aug 2012
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Bill, I had the same problem... my breathing/getting out of breath was letting me down when my HR and legs were still ok. I also tended to get exercise induced asthma attacks in summer, pollen and deep breathing didn't help!

This winter I bought a power breathe, on advise of a running friend with the same problem, and this season I have had no problems being excessively out of breath. It took a few months though for the power breathe had trained my muscles sufficiently to make a difference, so maybe more patience is required?
Aug 2012
1:36pm, 9 Aug 2012
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Thanks Hanneke, interesting that the Powerbreathe took a few months to make a difference. I'm starting from a very low base; physically fit but with very weak respiration, so it may take longer than anticipated to achieve 'normal' lung function. My HR also goes high on a run; 176, even on the level! MaxHR = 163.

I'm going to look into running form. My legs are strong due to hiking in the mountains and I can keep up/pass most people on a steep gradient (still puffing hard, but sustainable). Then I get out of breath running at just 6min/km on the road! I suspect that I am using more energy than needed to run, so I'm now reading the chirunning book and thread.

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Hi everyone,

I started running three months ago, initially because I have always been short of br...

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