The Garmin Swim.... give me your opinion on it...

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Jul 2012
8:28pm, 13 Jul 2012
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.. I'm torn.

I've been planning on pur-chasin' one of them there Poolmates. Then....right.... then they brought out the Poolmate pro. Excellent, just plug it in and upload all your data. Perfect for a lazy git like me.

Now Garmin have only gone and brought out their own version.... the Garmin Swim, if you will. to add to the mix.

So what are the pros and cons?

Garmin Pro - I already know the Garmin product, a 301, a 205 a 305 and a 310XT mean I know the format, I know them and how they work I know how reliable or unreliable they are.

PoolmatePro - They've come down in price to£90 Vs Garmins £130

Garmin Con - The price, yes, even though I was going to spend £130 on the Poolmate pro, now it's gone down in price I don't need to

Poolmate Con - I don't know this produce, I've not idea how user / numpty friendly it is. I like plug in an play type things. I'm not going to spend hours reading small print. Life is too fricking short.

Garmin Pro - they say you can use it in any length pool... handy when I swim in 20m, 33m and 50m pools
Poolmate Con - Pretty sure you can only use it in 'standard' length pools

And... does anyone know if you can use them outside? The strap has broken on my 310XT.

Now tell me what you know and what you think........which have you chosen? Would you chose? What do you know about them both? Can you smell burning?
Jul 2012
8:41pm, 13 Jul 2012
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I am a complete moron and I can operate my Poolmate. I only swim indoors in 25m pools but it works very well there. It sometimes loses count of your lengths if you change your stroke halfway through or need to stop for an old lady or a coughing fit. I can imagine that's the same with the Garmin indoors as well.
Jul 2012
3:48pm, 14 Jul 2012
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Tav H
Apparently Gramin Swim can "do the math". Which sounds nice. Is it some sort of dance? Anything like the shag?
Jul 2012
3:57pm, 14 Jul 2012
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I know nothing about these things, but any advertising campaign that exhorts you to 'stop counting' is surely playing into the Daily Mail reader's worst fears.
Jul 2012
7:17pm, 17 Jul 2012
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Johnny D'you think maybe it's some sort of conspiracy by the foreign types?

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.. I'm torn.

I've been planning on pur-chasin' one of them there Poolmates. Then....right.... ...

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