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Team 1 - VMLM Fetchpoint 2015

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Apr 2015
11:39pm, 27 Apr 2015
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I think it's all my fault, Murphey, as I couldn't find a Welsh flag anywhere - maybe if I'd manage to get one it would have given you the boost you needed! Sorry about that ....... :-(
Apr 2015
11:33am, 28 Apr 2015
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Rog T
Thankyou all for being there, the support, encouragement and everything else you gave everyone. As predicted I did not dare stop but knowing that you were all there and seeing fetchpoint gave me a great boost. I had a great day and achieved my goal :D
Apr 2015
2:30pm, 28 Apr 2015
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Schnecke - don't you dare blame yourself! You guys were brilliant! Besides, there were plenty of Welsh flags on the course to keep me going! It went wrong mostly because I was carrying a cold virus around with me. Those little buggers might be small but they do sap energy. I've now got a full blown cold, cough and sore throat!! 😩

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