Sweetner the silent Sugar

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Aug 2012
10:04am, 23 Aug 2012
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I think the weight gain argument is based around the aspartame/sweetener being an appetite stimulant. Either through a direct effect of the chemical itself, or through the fact that eating sweet things makes you hungry.

Don't know if there is any actual evidence though.

We are straying dangerously close to 'McKeith Territory' though.
Aug 2012
10:05am, 23 Aug 2012
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Hills of Death (HOD)
Wanna check my poo Johnny ?
Aug 2012
10:11am, 23 Aug 2012
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Just send a picture.
Aug 2012
10:14am, 23 Aug 2012
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Hills of Death (HOD)
Just think of Bisto
Aug 2012
10:32am, 23 Aug 2012
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haven't seen any evidence but was told by a dietitian (ie one of the less McKeith, properly qualified folks) that sweet things stimulate insulin response, whethere there are calories in them or not. insulin released, no corresponding glucose to transport, lowers blood sugar, makes you hungry, you eat more anyway.

as I say, not seen any evidence. i try and avoid artificial sweeteners since I've been pregnant - and that's actually quite hard to do. even full fat drinks like many lemonades and suchlike contain them. Sprite and 7-up don't list them in the ingredients but Schweppes and R Whites do.

back to the dietitian, I think the message is that there is no such thing as a free lunch and if we want to lose weight/eat more healthily etc, there are no short cuts we just need to educate ourselves not to eat as much.

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