Suunto Ambit2 S - Feedback

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May 2014
2:06pm, 20 May 2014
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so... After purchasing the watch in November I am finally abandoning it - to revert back to my Garmin 205

Problems I have with it:

1. Often loses my HR - Can be a few hundred metres from home or 9 miles into a run, and for no reason HR data just disappears from the screen. Yes I have changed HRM straps, batteries and contacts are always "wet"

2. Synchronisation to Movescount (equivalent of Garmin Connect) is intermittent at best. Have not been able to upload any data since the weekend. Have reinstalled software; done firmware update on watch but still not working.

3. General layout of screens - Av Pace per lap just doesn't work properly and jumps around far to much to show real pace per lap even if a lap is 1 mile.

4. Incompatibility with Fetch. Yes this is my main site for logging stuff, and when I do intervals - Fetch just does not detect they are intervals and logs them as single miles with no interval splits. Also when it loses my HR (issue #1) - it does not record the BPM stat correctly - so this is all screwed up showing me any consistency for improvement monitoring.

In summary it is a nice piece of kit. Love the brightness of the screen, the fit, and the strap is much better than the Garmin, but generally seems to be too "bug'y". So all in all - watch is being retired/ebayed and I am going back to my Garmin 205... If I get a good price for it - then I may re-invest in the latest greatest Garmin instead
May 2014
2:08pm, 20 May 2014
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I've been sent an Ambit 2S for testing, so I should at least be able to find a way round number 4 when I get a chance.
Oct 2014
12:06pm, 17 Oct 2014
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Did number 4 get sorted Fetch?
Oct 2014
12:15pm, 17 Oct 2014
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Can't remember off the top of my head - can you send me some feedback so I don't forget as soon as I've left this page? Even if it's just a link to this page :-)
Oct 2014
12:18pm, 17 Oct 2014
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Will link to my questions - cheers :)
Oct 2014
9:00am, 24 Oct 2014
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I'm loving mine so far. I upload to fetch directly from the file moveslink leaves on my macbook and haven't spotted any issues yet.

You can find the files in .SML format in users/Library/Application Support/Suunto/Moveslink2.

For the first time ever I have a watch that I can user for all my sports - the blocking point before has been my need for a sailing race start timer. The Suunto doesn't come with one, but I've written one as an app. It's not the best start timer in the world, but it'll do.

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so... After purchasing the watch in November I am finally abandoning it - to revert back to my Garm...

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