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Apr 2015
11:03pm, 4 Apr 2015
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lady alton
Any suggestions on how much calcium, what sort and what combination would be good? Although the GP has suggested that I take Calcium as well and the alendronic acid it's never been clear what sort of dose would be enough the one I take now have Vit D too. Although the last DEXA scan was really good (hips only oseopeanic now) since last May, stress fracture 1st metatarsal (left foot), stress fracture right fibia and now back to left foot but 4th metatarsal.
The chances of having one are always going to be higher but I'm not sure how else to try and prevent another one but wondered if I can take more or a better form of calcium?
Apr 2015
8:27am, 5 Apr 2015
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I would want to know a few other facts. Almost everyone on a bisphosphonate (ale droning acid) is prescribed Vit D/calcium. The chances are you only really need the vit D and not the calcium. If your on a prescribed preparation of calcium/D it's probably more than enough calcium.
Apr 2015
11:13am, 5 Apr 2015
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lady alton
Just checked and its calcium and magnesium I take. I buy this rather than have it on prescription since its not been prescribed. It sounds likevi should be taking vit D too?
Apr 2015
9:02pm, 6 Apr 2015
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I was on Fosamax( a bisphosphonate) about 20 years ago- but only for a couple of years. I have 2 yearly bone scans(DEXA) and am osteopenic now not osteoporotic. I am prescribed CALCICHEW D3 FORTE by my Dr. This is on the recommendation of the muscular skeletal consultant. I also take magnesium 250mg a day as a supplement which I buy at Holland and Barretts.

I have just purchased new trainers which are extremely well cushioned. These are from the Hoka range( google it and you will see the type of cushioning that I mean). I feel that my feet are supported and cushioned really well. I had 3 metatarsal stress fractures and one tibial stress fracture many years ago (when I was only 26yrs old). A subsequent DEXA scan showed to my dismay I had osteoporosis. This was devastating. I had been an elite runner( 33rd lady in the GNR). I was underweight and I was running too many miles. At that age I was about 7.5 stone and 5ft 6inches. I have reduced my running mileage and gained nearly 1.5stone. The extra weight I have been told has helped to maintain healthy bones. I am not allowed to run marathons anymore; but can do half marathons. Each 2 yearly scan- my bone density has improved and now I am no longer osteoporotic. I have been told when I reach menopause my bone density may decrease again and I may need HRT or perhaps bisphosphonates.

Do you mind me asking your age lady alton? If you are under weight- I know this can affect your bone health. The national osteoporosis society used to do a leaflet called " Fit bit Fragile". It was a v informative leaflet if you can get hold of one( not sure if they still publish it).

I don't have an eating disorder; but do suffer with depression. When I was underweight it was a time I was very depressed and so not eating much as I had no appetite.

Running helps my depression and it is a hobby now that I enjoy. I don't run competitively anymore .

I really hope your bone health continues to improve and you don't suffer any more stress fractures.
All the very best

Apr 2015
9:46pm, 6 Apr 2015
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lady alton
Thanks Bambi, I'm 55 and a bit shorter than you, weight wise I am on the low side of normal but have a good diet and am well past menopause. I am off to the docs in the morning so will ask about the Forte Cal to see if it will help.
Next step is too look at better cushioned shoes, I'm running in light flexible shoes at the moment which are really comfortable but I guess no longer fit for purpose.
I am less porotic than I was ten years ago when I was diagnosed so bone strength is moving in the right direction, genearlly just not in my feet!

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Any suggestions on how much calcium, what sort and what combination would be good? Although the GP ...

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