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Jul 2011
4:02am, 20 Jul 2011
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All of a sudden i have started to suffer from stitch when i am running. I have never suffered from this problem before and am not doing anything different from what i've done before. The last run i did it lasted for about 5 mins but the run before that i had it for about 40mins and was quite painful. The stitch develops in different areas yesterday was the right hand side just below the rib cage and the long one was left hand side lower stomach.
Jul 2011
8:46am, 20 Jul 2011
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Gooner (The Midnight Runner)
Pain induced by the stretching of the visceral ligaments is relieved by removing or minimizing the applied force, by slowing or stopping the exercise and lying down until the pain subsides. Alternative cures are listed and exist in much the same context as the cure for hiccups;

Stop exercising. With the digits, push into the abdomen on the right side, and up under the rib cage. At the same time, forcefully let out a deep exhale while holding the lips closely together.

Try belly breathing; inhale while pushing out the stomach, and on the exhale, relax the stomach muscles.

While running, exhale when your foot strikes on the opposite side that the side stitch is located. For example, a side stitch on the right, exhale hard when your left foot strikes the ground.

Reduce the frequency of breathing (e.g. in jogging, inhale for four steps and exhale for three steps)

Lie down on the back and lift the knee on the side with the stitch up to the chest.

Do not breathe too hard, shallow breathing for a few minutes at the same time maintain oxygen input levels.

Relax the mind and do not focus on the stitch itself.

Put pressure on the affected area, not enough to hurt, but just enough so the pain subsides.

Stretch the chest wall and back, whilst laying on your stomach and arching your back.

Suck in your stomach (like when you are trying to look thinner), it puts pressure in the right places instead of applying pressure with your hand. A side stitch free jog may be maintainable.

This is what the always right... wikipedia says on the subject.
Jul 2011
8:29pm, 22 Jul 2011
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Thank you Gooner ....
Jul 2011
8:13pm, 25 Jul 2011
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Tiny Runner
Dynamic warm up helps me. Best for stitch: move sideways, crossing your legs over each other (i.e. right foot moves infront and beyond left, then left swings behind right etc); at the same time swing arms at shoulder height from left to right. Repeat in other direction.

It is best to jog / run for 5/10 mins first then do dynamic warm up.

Be careful drinking before running (i try to hydrate heavily 90 mins before and then sip water).

The dynamic warm up move is from a coach who knows his stuff, the drinking thing is just me, so no idea if it's sensible but it helps me!
Jul 2011
2:58am, 27 Jul 2011
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will give it a go ...thank you.... i must say i have been drinking more before i have been running just of late so may cut back and see how that goes.
Oct 2011
7:28pm, 11 Oct 2011
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The power of search!

I got a stitch while running this morning. First time I've had one of those in decades! Probably from guzzling too much fruit juice just before setting off. I knew I'd seen a thread about it on here before.

If it happens again, I'll be arrmed with the advice in Gooner's post (if I can remember any of it).
Dec 2011
3:49pm, 12 Dec 2011
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Santa Pinchy Claus
I think Diet affects stitch as well - I used to suffer a lot with it - but since reducing my bread intake it has reduced it hugely and I seem to suffer with it only if I have eaten a lot of bread the day before or in the morning for example.... Maybe I am just getting fitter, but I am convinced that it caused my issues.....
Aug 2012
1:17pm, 22 Aug 2012
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Just looking for tips. Started taking my boys - 9&12, doing c25k and they are both suffering with stitches which are threatening to put them off. The tips which involve lying down had them hooting with laughter... visions of them just led in the street, the neighbours wouldn't think that odd at all :-)

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