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Starting again (sort of)

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Mar 2012
11:42am, 20 Mar 2012
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I was going to say Hal Higdon as well - his are good and he always says you can alter them to suit! I was looking at his half plan and he has a novice 2 as well as an intermediate plan so you can see what you feel you can do more
Mar 2012
12:09pm, 20 Mar 2012
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Ooh ta I'll take a look! I'd always thought of Hal as mara only & his plans didn't suit me for that
Apr 2015
2:52pm, 10 Apr 2015
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I need this thread. Having been given the all clear to run again from the physio after tearing a calf muscle I've got to get back into my stride again running wise. Any hints and tips from other previously injured Fetchies out there? I am aiming to run a mile tomorrow as my first target!
Apr 2015
3:09pm, 10 Apr 2015
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Hi Sallykate. I'm back running again from a very long break and also going for shorter distances. I use park-run as a training corner-stone (short quick tempo) and build around that. I get in a lot of easy running in total (with dog and just generally running around) but without a weekly long run. Which I think is a lot of effort for not enough gain and hinders recovery in rest of the week. I make up three quality workouts by adding in an interval session and a hill-session (not all from the outset, I built up to this over a few months.)

I don't know any off-the-peg plans like this, but basically it's a polarized approach. i.e. lots of low intensity running plus a relatively high proportion of high-intensity and not much 'in the middle'. Check out the polarized thread on Fetch and search online, there may be plans taking this approach. It's a newish idea, but recent evidence gives it weight. Canute on here is a big advocate also.

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Maintained by sallykate
I'm looking for some advice for my training post-VLM.

I've been running for about 4 years but h...

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