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Slow and Proud (SAP) Club

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11 Oct
3:07pm, 11 Oct 2020
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FLNFT resonates with me.
WP - hope your shoulder frees up soon - I recall the pain of shoulder injury and it's not nice.
16 Oct
9:07am, 16 Oct 2020
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Nutso Lazytoad!
Good to see some activity in here :) I hope we are well and coping with whatever stage of madness your local area is in!
I am going for a run today! Yep you heard me right a run, might not be pretty though!
18 Oct
12:53pm, 18 Oct 2020
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I dund'd the Dr. 5k ... I'd say that 'I walked it!' and I did, but it wasn't too easy a 'walked it!' and it's forced a bit of an easy day today 😱
19 Oct
8:59am, 19 Oct 2020
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Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
Helegant - I have had it since March, the pain had subsided but unfortunately it has returned. Steroid injection tomorrow so will see how it is after that - hopefully I can get a bit more mobility back in my arm.

Hope you had a good run Nutso.

Well done decorum. You did better than me as I was a DNS due to an unplanned trip to Suffolk to sort my parents out who are struggling with my Mum's Alzheimer's and thought my Dad was going to harm her - I do needed the walk after a 3.5 hour drive but by the time I had called Mum down I had nothing left in the tank for me.

I should have been doing the first part of the Downlink as a walk this weekend. Hopefully next weekend now.

Have a good week everyone.
19 Oct
9:00am, 19 Oct 2020
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Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
Fat fingers above !!!
23 Oct
12:24am, 23 Oct 2020
3736 posts
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(hugs) Sometimes the times we need to get in a bit of green and/or airy are the times when we've pushed past empty ☹
23 Oct
7:43am, 23 Oct 2020
3402 posts
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Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
Thanks decorum, hugs back.

As my Brighton marathon has now been deferred to September I have made the decision to tick off the Downslink next Summer as part of my marathon training - at least I will have more daylight and hopefully better weather - plus I am emotionally and physically tired after making lots of calls this week trying to get advice and support. But never fear, I still have 10 miles to tick off so will be out in the fresh air and viewing some greenery this weekend :-)
23 Oct
8:14am, 23 Oct 2020
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Lip Gloss
I managed to get past my 700 this week and now aiming to improve on last year's 800. This next week (the last week thank goodness) of run the sum and then I will cut back down again.

Why do we give ourselves such challenges :-)
24 Oct
2:19pm, 24 Oct 2020
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Green time is good time ... other than on 31 October, when it could mean a Zombie's chasing you 😉 [Vegan Zombie shuffles off mumbling 'Grains! .... GRAAAINS!!!']

Good news and good running, Lip Gloss 🏁
24 Oct
6:53pm, 24 Oct 2020
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Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
😂 decorum

Well done LipGloss

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About This Thread

Maintained by Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
star star we are the Slow and Proud Club (formed on 04/02/12) This thread was formerly an offshoot of the Absolute Beginners thread star star

SAP Club - Join here: http://www.fetcheveryone.com/groups-view.php?id=1038

Come and join us - we do not judge people on their pace and you will receive lots of encouragement.

We are proud that we are getting off our couches and getting out there, no matter how slow!


*** target events for 2020
*** target distances for 2020
*** target annual mileage for 2020
*** other SAP goals for 2020
[revised 05/10/20]

medal Nutso - half marathon medal

XXX GimmeMedals - Run Your Heart Out 10k (cancelled due to weather)

XXX Lip Gloss - Smokies 10m (DNS due to other events)

XXX Lip Gloss - Declaration of Arbroath 700th Anniversary Half Marathon (11th) POSTPONED
XXX Wazelle - Brighton Marathon (19th) POSTPONED
XXX Alpenrose - M12K 2020 Marnhull (19th) CANCELLED
XXX Mulbs - London Marathon (26th) POSTPONED

XXX Lip Gloss - Chariots of Fire 5k CANCELLED
XXX Womble - Cranleigh Trail Half walk (10th) CANCELLED
XXX Lemon10 - Windermere Marathon (17th) POSTPONED



XXX Lip Gloss - Hatton 10k CANCELLED
XXX Womble - South Coast Challenge [walk first quarter c15 miles] (29th) POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 (NOW SIGNED UP FOR 50KM)

* Wazelle - Brighton Marathon (rescheduled date) VIRTUAL EVENT

XXX GimmeMedals - Great South Run (18th) CANCELLED
XXX Womble - Beachy Head Marathon (DEFERRED TO 2021)
XXX Mulbs - London Marathon (rescheduled date) CANCELLED

XXX Lemon10 - Windermere Marathon (1st - rescheduled date) CANCELLED


Womble's Goals
1) Keep doing my leg exercises and add ankles to the plan
2) Cto5k/10k my way
3) Concentrate on 5k then 10k times
4) Try to get to +300 miles in a year (plus 1000 walking miles)
5) Arrive at the BH marathon start line fit and healthy, and have fun whilst covering the challenge


Mulb's Goals
1) to start building some strength and flexibility work into my week
2) to get back in to walking every day for at least 30 mins
3) to shift some of the extra heft I've gained this year

To be archived: docs.google.com

[edited Dec 2019]

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