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Skins Tights

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Feb 2013
12:09pm, 24 Feb 2013
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I've been using the RY400 tights after long sessions on the bike and I must say, my legs feel much fresher the next day.
Feb 2013
12:59pm, 24 Feb 2013
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Got the A200 from Sweatshop at 50% off, they are great. I wore then for two days of the Quadzilla and the Keswick Buttermere Round. Whether or not they helped is questionable, but the fit is great.
Feb 2013
1:12pm, 24 Feb 2013
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I am with the others, have 2 pairs, wear then after long runs. Pair one are out of commission as they lost some of their compression ability. Whether they help I dont know, but they dont harm......

They are great to wear for warmth purposes (under proper trousers) for winter football
Feb 2013
1:45pm, 24 Feb 2013
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I don't do full length compression on my legs any more. I found that they were either too tight on the thighs and too loose on the calves, or vice versa.

Compressport calf guards for racing coupled with Linebreak half-tights if the quads aren't happy. Half-tights and compression stockings for recovery.

Whch does force me to wear shorts in the winter, but I'm almost Northern now!
Feb 2013
10:53pm, 27 Feb 2013
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I bought some A200 capri's in the end - got them for £41 on sportshoes.com (rrp about £60+) - decided I would get more wear out of them for training in rather than full length as I wear 3/4's all year round but only wear full length tights to run in during winter.

Wore them for the first time last night and they felt nice, but when I ran my legs felt like lead - really 'constricted' - like I was running through treacle at times! It was a hard tempo run and I actually posted a really good time on the run, but it was weird. Has anybody else found that when first wearing skins to run in - just like every step is that bit harder work on the legs?!

Am wanting to get some RY400s for recovery but not found any yet in the right size at a decent price.

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About This Thread

Maintained by clare1976
Skins full length tights...

what do people think of them? worth the cost? help with recovery?

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