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Shrewsbury Marathon & Half Marathon

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Jun 2013
4:34pm, 25 Jun 2013
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I think runners will forgive organisers for things out of their control - weather for instance, even it impacts on shortfalls and makes the shortfalls worse.

But just shabby planning and what seems a shake down, well I think most runners would say *not again*

depends now on the organisers discussion / communication post race
Jun 2013
11:21pm, 25 Jun 2013
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Hi folks I ran and enjoyed this race , yes teething problems. But I emailed organiser with feedback and fair play to him he answered all my points - posted on the RWforum. I liked the laps and switchbacks to see other runners, yes start was delayed, out f their control, should have been more loos and should have been routed past them, finish will have to be improved .

They didn't run out of water- I finished 4:29 and on my 4th Lao they were giving paper cups instead of bottles of earlier- ok by then a brief walk was ok. Shamblolic not really, lots of room for improvement certainly. I ran in my Welsh dragon kit and had loads of friendly banter with lots of great support. We ll see whether they bother with a full next year. More comments on RW and www.blogmold.blogspot.com
Jun 2013
6:03am, 28 Jun 2013
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Hi Rob, glad you enjoyed it but did you not think the allowing of headphones was wrong, the roads too narrow to overtake, the mile markers being up to a quarter of a mile out and what was going on with the marshals? As for the finish line even the guy giving out the drinks said it was sh##e.

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