Shoes and heel/midfoot/forefoot strike

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Sep 2012
10:12am, 25 Sep 2012
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Thanks so much all for taking the time to post such detailed advice. It looks like my best option is to contact a running coach. I saw a sports injury specialist a little while ago who recommended someone, so I will dig their details out.

Thanks again.
Sep 2012
12:14pm, 25 Sep 2012
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Hi Stripes,
If you want to keep things really simple, this is how I look at technique with people...

There are basically 2 things that cause most running issues (injury wise)

1. Leverage
2. Tension

Leverage basically means your legs being too far away from your body (strictly speaking, the centre of mass of your body) when you land. When this happens your weight is leveraged over your ground leg, and the greater the lever the greater the chance of injury. This is the one that is fixed by 'Posture' (also known as body position)

Tension basically means excessive muscular activity while on the ground. It might be things like holding the ankle tight, locking your leg straight or trying to apply too much muscle effort to run faster and so forth.

The fixing bit is the tricky part, because it is often not obvious as to how or what to do (or not to do) to reduce either of the above (that is where a coach can help you), and as Canute says, it is based around observation of an individual. You can of course do this yourself without a coach, and the success of that is really dependent only on a couple of things:

1. Perception
2. Proprioception

Perception is your ability to recognise the effects of any changes you are making e.g. can you notice when you are applying too much tension.
Proprioception is about recognition of where your limbs are with relation to one another e.g. can you notice if you are over striding

Some people have good innate percecption and/or proprioception and so can learn quickly. Others need help and guidance - at least in the beginning.

Good luck with solving your issues and working with your coach if that is the way you go!

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