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Same mileage, different training benefits?

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Mar 2018
6:22am, 8 Mar 2018
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HappyG is on the money. Biological age of the runner is an important factor in this. From personal experiece I can run 4 or 5 times a week and rack up 2000km in a year but injury is an ever present risk. This month I am attempting Run-the -Sum and although the weekly km's aren't high, I have to say that I am already struggling. Conversely I don't feel injury is a risk at all as I am forced to run easy each day to have any chance at all of surviving the month. So I am also in agreement with J2R in that I am attempting this form to be consistent and get my base secure without injury.
Off - topic: anyone know if 1+9=10 or is it 1+9=1+0=1? Seriously :0
Mar 2018
8:09am, 8 Mar 2018
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Wriggling Snake
It depends what you have done in the previous days and what you intend to do after.

The 10 miles is best for increasing basic aerobic fitness...two 5 mile runs do not make a 10 mile run especially separated by that amount of time.

Two 5 mile runs of consecutive days is good for base training...but in the end you would want to run 10.

IT also depends on what you are trying to train for and where you are in that training.

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