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Running/Exercising while pregnant

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Sep 2018
2:02pm, 17 Sep 2018
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Hello. I'm a bit unsure about how hard or not it's ok to do things...... I know there's that silly old wives tale of not going over 140bpm which we can now ignore, but I am a bit paranoid about some stuff still.

Unfortunately, I've been advised I can't run at all during pregnancy. I'm walking a lot though (yawn) and doing some cycling.

At 18 weeks, people are now telling me I *should* really stick to doing things inside rather than on the roads in case a car hits me. Well, I suppose this is a valid point although I don't really feel ready yet to give up but if something happened I'd not forgive myself.

Instead, I have done some riding on a spin/watt bike. I've been doing the spin classes 'easy', and the 'easy' power I'm putting out is obviously less than pre-pregnancy, but my HR is a lot higher for the same effort level. My 'easy' is normally like 130bpm on a bike. What I'm doing would have probably been 120bpm pre-pregnancy, but is now coming out more like 150bpm. Does that mean I need to go even easier?!?! It would feel like nothing. Or is it expected that HR will just be higher with another human inside?

Thanks :)
Sep 2018
2:14pm, 17 Sep 2018
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I think I said it on FB, but huge congrats GF. Oh, sorry, don't know anything about running and preggers. I'm sure you'll be awesome either way! :-) G
Sep 2018
2:16pm, 17 Sep 2018
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Jock Itch
Wow ! :-O congrats ;) xx
Sep 2018
3:12pm, 17 Sep 2018
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Hi Gymfreak, many congrats!

I am sure some of the better qualified fetchies will be along soon but I used a book 'Exercising through your pregnancy' by Dr James Clapp and he suggest that heart rate becomes a less predictable measure of exercise effort in pregnancy due to changes in blood volume and vessel dilation. He suggests using the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion as a better measure - while paying particular attention to staying well hydrated and not overheating.
Sep 2018
11:45am, 18 Sep 2018
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Thanks everyone, including my stupid husband *rolls eyes*

Sweetie, that's useful thanks. Makes sense as the 150bpm really does still feel easy so as long as it feels 'easy' then I guess that's the main thing.

The spinning room isn't the coolest, and I sweat buckets but I guess all ok as long as I drink loads :)
Sep 2018
11:50am, 18 Sep 2018
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Congratulations! I can't help with the question but I would have thought that if you are fit and healthy then as long as you don't over exert yourself you can keep doing whatever you like.
Sep 2018
12:48pm, 18 Sep 2018
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I was thinking that as old wives tales go, that one sounds quite hi-tech
Sep 2018
9:09am, 19 Sep 2018
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Wish we could tag people - katypie, Smout and other local Scottish Fetchies were running marathons either knowingly or unknowingly while pregnant, I seem to remember. I'm sure they'd have some useful insights.

Keeping well GF? Don't overdo it, as I know you're a total training monster sometimes! :-) G
Sep 2018
10:54am, 19 Sep 2018
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Yeah I'm keeping well. And you're right :)G, this has been a total change of lifestyle lol. I'd actually had to back off a lot during fertility treatment, so it's been gradual rather than a big adjustment, but I'm just cycling or walking once a day, and most weeks I have had a complete rest day. I did spinning this morning :)

I'm just knackered all the time, but I think that's just par for the course ;) Plus I'm not exactly a spring chicken for all this first time mum stuff!
Sep 2018
9:42am, 20 Sep 2018
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You're a darn sight younger than my wee sis who is just having her first in Dec/Jan! Just take it easy. Lol at "just cycling... once a day". That would be serious athletic endeavour for most folk!

I'm sure others will pop along with more useful info soon. Rest up now mum to be. :-) G

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Hello. I'm a bit unsure about how hard or not it's ok to do things...... I know there&apos...

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