Running after Covid Vaccination jab

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Apr 2021
11:36am, 2 Apr 2021
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SofaPM, I didn't really want to delay my vaccination for this event. In normal times I do quite a few events, and this was really just a training run for another event I've got coming up in a few weeks. If it had been an "A-race" I may have considered rescheduling the vaccination, but I've got a few small events lined up over the next few weeks anyway, so chances are I'd have this problem whenever I chose to have the vaccine. I had the Pfizer jab and feel pretty good today really, but I'm still fine with my decision to defer. All being well I'll get out for a shortish run tomorrow to see how I am, and then possibly a longer run on Sunday and/or Monday.
Apr 2021
4:03pm, 6 Apr 2021
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Surrey Phil
Went out for a flat 5.5 mile run this lunchtime - my first run since my first jab eight days ago. It was breezy and my pace was about right. I was starting to feel tired after just two miles but persevered. A friend did warn me about a possible reduced lung capacity until day seven but I did expect my run to feel a lot easier than it actually was.
Apr 2021
6:47pm, 6 Apr 2021
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A typical tale of 2 completely different days:

Saturday - Didn't feel like a run. When I got out I felt good and thought that I would do any easy 4 miles. Ended up doing 8 miles on a hilly route with no run/walk. Average pace was 9:25 m/m and no breathlessness.

Monday - Felt rested and confident. Thought that I would do an easy 4 in a kind of recovery run style. Gasping for breath after 8 minutes and only got round after employing run/walk regime of 4:1
Apr 2021
6:58pm, 6 Apr 2021
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I am 2 weeks and 2 days lost vaccine I felt pretty good on my run today which was marathon distance. It was a good 10days before I felt anywhere near normal on a run.

My mam had her 2nd Pfizer on Friday she felt fine but there is a definite affect on her running & breathing. It definitely seems to take it out of you.
May 2021
9:27pm, 21 May 2021
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Update to this thread. I had my second jab yesterday morning. Nurse told me to keep hydrated and I tried to drink regularly though-out the day. Had a staff training session on Teams in the afternoon and I was talking for 2.5 hours non-stop. Ended the day with a sore throat and a headache.

Took 2 paracetemol at bedtime and slept okay. Woke up feeling fresh but throat still sore(ish). Dropped another couple of paracetemol and made sure that i took on lots of fluids during the day.

Went out for a 4 mile run at 17.00 post work. It was really hard work. Breathing seemed laboured and not easy. Decided to do 4:1 run/walk which helped me get round. Pace turned out at around 10.00 m/m. Muscles in legs did not feel particularly receptive to exercise - they felt stiff and soreish.

The last couple of weeks have been good running wise and I have managed to post some good sessions without needing run/walk. Looks like the vaccine does not agree with my exercising.
Jun 2021
9:54pm, 12 Jun 2021
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Surrey Phil
Running after the first jab seemed tiring and sluggish. I had my second on Friday and woke up with a bit of a sore head today which a couple of Nurofen has fixed.

Sorry to hear that your return to running has been hampered, Seratonin. I hope that your pre-jab fitness levels return as soon as possible.

I was wondering whether others found a return to form much quicker after the second jab. Would Fetchies not run at all for a week or so, reduce the mileage or just carry on as normal?
Jun 2021
1:41pm, 13 Jun 2021
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my two 18 year olds had their 1st vac yesterday afternoon. one has just run a really tough hot and hilly half marathon in a reasonable time given the conditions, the other is wiped out, couldn't even manage to watch the football last night and definitely not able to go to his hockey match today.

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