Ridiculous bite

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May 2018
9:12pm, 22 May 2018
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So I was out cycling yesterday and a critter has bitten my face by the side of my eye. Yesterday it was a bit itchy but fine, like a normal bite. This morning it was very swollen and over the course of today, I have developed elephant man face. My eye is very swollen and a bit shut/sunk in, and the swelling has sort of gone outwards to the side so I look like alien shape and sort of down my cheek. It's not red or anything and it doesn't hurt, but I really do look stupid. Work have found it very funny, the neighbours looked horrified and everyone is staring at me.

Anyone react like this to critters? Assume as it's not red I don't really need to worry and it will go down? Yes, I've tried piriton.
May 2018
9:23pm, 22 May 2018
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I got bitten this evening in my cleavage - at the moment I have 3 boobs and am dreading teaching yr 7 tomorrow!
Hope we both find that a night's rest and some antihistamine get us back to normal
May 2018
10:03pm, 22 May 2018
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Surrey Phil
It may have been something like a horsefly. I got a bite on the ankle a few years ago and it swelled up like a golf ball. After sticking my foot in a bucket of water for an evening, the swelling started to go down.

Try putting some ice/frozen peas on the affected area and see how you go. My GP told me that there was nothing to worry so long as the affected area doesn't increase.
May 2018
9:05am, 23 May 2018
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Hope it's better Gymfreak

Not quit in that league but we've had a few bad insect bites, for us the liquid piriton helps more than the tablets (other antihistamines are available)
May 2018
9:15am, 23 May 2018
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I react very badly to critters - several times been on antibiotics as a result and once in hospital.

The worst one is the Blandford fly - I've been bitten several times at parkrun, but generally they fly at no higher than waist height so it's generally on the legs.

I've had gnats, mosquitos, midges and horseflies get me elsewhere! You can generally get Boots-brand anti-histamines that contain the same stuff as Pirotin but are generally cheaper. There is a sort of 'soothing-stick' you can buy which you rub over the bite site. I did that when I got Blandford bite last summer and it went down pretty quickly.

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So I was out cycling yesterday and a critter has bitten my face by the side of my eye. Yest...

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