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Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

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Aug 2019
2:57pm, 4 Aug 2019
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Hmmm....wrong thread perhaps?

Mar 2021
11:55pm, 15 Mar 2021
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And last year's was even worse and I was thinking there was going to be none this year. Which was alarming, as the rhubarb has been here possibly longer than I have. Well overdue dividing, I think. The rhubarb, that is. But the faintest of growth was visible when I cleared around it earlier.

But there are signs in a pot from a crown of raspberry rhubarb I bought last year, so that's encouraging.
Mar 2021
6:29am, 16 Mar 2021
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Divided mine this year and now have 3 clumps showing sign of growth
Mar 2021
7:10am, 16 Mar 2021
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We've recently dedicated a veg bed to rhubarb, and bought and planted 3 new crowns a few weeks ago. I've since been told that it's best if you leave the plants for their first year, without cropping, and just to leave the stems to die back, so it helps to nourish the plant for future benefit.

So, another year to wait. This is going to be the longest build up for a rhubarb crumble. Is it too soon to get the crumble topping ready..!?

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Maintained by Ocelot Spleens
It is bloody great. Somebody tell .B., crumble especially so, poached with.ginger.....add ice cream...

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