Reducing high blood pressure

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May 2019
10:32am, 7 May 2019
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He’s not at all chunky although not lean and athletic. He just struggles with the knee problems and that would hold him back at the sessions I do. Maybe a local gym membership would be a good idea but there is little time to fit it in at the minute.

The reference to veg is we eat healthy for the most part rarely eat out even more rarely have takeaways I cook from scratch most nights or batch cook so an easy meal is homemade but from freezer.

I just don’t know enough about the causes and fixes for high blood pressure I have the opposite problem.
May 2019
11:36am, 7 May 2019
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Investigate Yoga (adapted for his knee problem). Consider a 4 day working week if it's affordable. It's amazing how many of my group of friends have dropped a day and found their lives more relaxing (as long as you don't cram the stress into 4 days). It's made my life significantly less stressful. By Tuesday 5pm I am halfway through the working week and mentally that feels good..
May 2019
12:32pm, 7 May 2019
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My BP is normally 20+ points higher when measured at the GP surgery vs measured at home and I don't think that is particularly uncommon. So another vote for checking at home before doing anything else. (I find it quite fun - having a home BP monitor has taught me that eating beetroot lowers my BP quite a bit and eating liqourice allsorts sends it sky-high.)

I thought I'd seen quite a large study showing very little/no linkage between stress and chronic blood pressure. I'm sure one of our resident GPs will know more. Seems to me that problems with stress are worth sorting out whether or not they're related to hypertension.
May 2019
2:45pm, 7 May 2019
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About 12 years ago I was identified as having high blood pressure, ironically as part of getting a medical certificate for a run in France. After tests some mild medication was prescribed. The guy treating me was a runner and asked me about exercise (I had only been running for about a year at that stage). He said I was doing too much too soon.

This was also true of my work and domestic life. He suggested some gentle exercise (walking/swimming/run) three times a week, some relaxation (music/reading/tv/film) for two evenings per week with no other exercise. Free format the other days.

He also told me to prioritise what was going on at that moment and stick to that list. Balancing a whole host of different objectives rarely works but you need to be tough on deciding the priority.

I was only on medication for a few weeks, managed to do the event and have had no further history of hbp. I do check it at home once per month though just keep tabs.
May 2019
2:53pm, 7 May 2019
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I had this on whilst running the other week:

There is a 30 min segment about lowering high blood pressure with the R2 doctor. It was mostly people making drastic lifestyle changes but there were a couple of callers who were already doing the right things yet BP still high. Might be of interest / help.
May 2019
10:27am, 8 May 2019
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TomahawkMike... funnily enough he is talking about asking for a 4 day week, doing the same hours over 4 days. I suspect it wont happen now but maybe by raising it might just get approved in the future. I suggested to him this morning that we should start doing some meditation and yoga at home. So I will put this in motion. I may even get the bikes dusted off in the shed and get us out for some bike rides. Apart from anything else it would be good to do some activities together.

I cant recall the numbers he normally has or now has but there is definitely an increase to where he was a couple of years ago.

I am hoping once we get the bedrooms sorted this weekend, that we can start to go back to a bit more of a relaxed home life, it has been crazy he is such a perfectionist that it takes forever to do something. Result is amazing but not worth it if its adding to the rest of the stresses in life.

I will have a listen to that ndellar, thank you for sharing.
May 2019
1:32pm, 10 May 2019
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those are positive moves IMHO. Hope it starts to improve things.
31 Aug
10:34pm, 31 Aug 2022
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Wife was having routine checks at A&E after a horse fall on Monday blood pressure was v high. Initial reading over 200 bit still 160 over 100 5 hours later. They suggested getting a home monitor. Omron a basic model. Even relaxed at home she was 157 over 97 this evening. That's pretty high, isn't it?

I was 128 over 71. I'd just eaten which might not have been right. Also my resting HR is about 51-52 but it was 58 during test. So I think more relaxing could have been done!

I'm going to make her call doc and make an appointment. :-) G

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