RedBull Steeplechase and Fell Running

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Jul 2012
10:08pm, 19 Jul 2012
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Is anyone else entering this? I'm really chuffed to be going but now feeling a bit worried about training; it's 21 miles (which is OK) up and down BIG hills (which is an issue as I live in East Anglia) in the Peak District (fantastic!) in October (could be cold). Can anyone give me a heads up on

a) shoes- should I invest in a pair of fell running shoes?

b) gear- I already run in all weathers from snow and rain to sunshine (ha!) but the fells will mean more extreme conditions than I'm used to. What should I take?

c) training- with no decent hills nearby how can I prepare?

This is going to be gloriously brutal :)

Jul 2012
12:34am, 20 Jul 2012
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Hi stonehan,

They'll be more experienced folk around, but my 2ยข ..

a) I'd just wear trail shoes - from the map and my iffy memory, there's a fair bit on road and trail and very little on terrain where the extra grip of a fell shoe (over a trail show) is really beneficial. Also, I find 21 miles a long way in fell shoes: they're not exactly built for comfort.

b) Any compulsory kit, then however much more you can be bothered carrying round with you. You're not going way up in the hills, and you're won't be too remote, so just need to look at the weather forecast and be sensible. Hat, gloves and lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers is usually required kit for fell races covered by the FRA, but I've done races in the UK requiring much more, and others requiring much less. Is there a required or recommended kit list provided by RedBull?
c) No idea, sorry! I've read a lot of theories (VO2 max intervals, cycling, etc) .. but I just take time out and go find some real hills once a week. Repeats of stadium/car park steps?

Could you get a recce of the route in before October? That'd be my #1 recommendation, especially if you're new to fell. The ascent/descent per mile isn't actually that severe, just a couple of still climbs, but if you're not used to running on a lot of rough terrain (wet rock, bog (PD good for bog!), etc) that could be a bigger hurdle than the hills.

Hope this helps some.
Jul 2012
4:06am, 20 Jul 2012
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ive never heard of this race but I would say thats very sound advice from the big cheese. good luck and enjoy.
Jul 2012
7:54am, 20 Jul 2012
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Derby Tup
I'm with the BigCheese too. One other thing that might be worth doing is some x-country / trail type running in muddy fields (not difficult to find at present). Good for general conditioning. Depending where you are running on the coastal dunes / bleach might be good too

The race has a strange but intriguing format: if you're not in the top fraction of the field you do not get to run the whole distance! :-O Fell running is very inclusive whereas as this is exclusive
Aug 2012
3:20pm, 1 Aug 2012
First-time poster!!
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Hi, i've got a place on this too! and yes excited but nervous.
I too am from the flat lands, near cambridge. i was thinking of driving up and running the first 2 legs on 1 or 2 occasions in september, if you wanted to share a lift??

training wise i do a hard off road once a week of 15 miles (working up to 22) as hilly as i can get
club run 6-9 miles currently off road
and a 3-6 mile either fast or hill repeats
i'm hoping to increase this after my last triathlon on the 19th August.

Anyway not a big fetch user as it doesn't support my garmin last time i tried anyway, but i'll try and remember to check back on here. So if you are nearish to cambridge and wanted to hook up? let me know. can you do private messages on here?
Aug 2012
5:50pm, 31 Aug 2012
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Hey Han & Ruth - I am in for this too... am quite excited as sounds like a fab route and a fun format.

21 miles is a bit of a worry - I had similar thoughts on whether to splash some cash on some trail/fell shoes. My thought is that it will mainly be gravely paths so should be good to go in trainers.

I have done a fell run in the past where i had to take compass/map/waterproofs and food - i think this one is a marshalled one so probably normal running stuff and bring kit in case it is wet.

Good luck in the training and see u there!!!
Aug 2012
6:04pm, 31 Aug 2012
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Its a noob fest!
Sep 2012
4:25pm, 20 Sep 2012
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If anyone wants a place in this, I'm giving away ten places on my blog. The competition ends tomorrow and fewer than ten people have entered so far, so you're practically guaranteed to win!
Sep 2012
10:55pm, 25 Sep 2012
First-time poster!!
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