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Recovery time from faster running?

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Apr 2013
9:05pm, 13 Apr 2013
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I normally do 25 - 30 miles per week, sometimes i will do 3 10 milers over 3 consecutive days no problem. but this week I went training with my local running club and although it went ok on the 2 nights in question (mon and wed) I went for an easy 7 miler on fri and had to turn back after 2 my legs were so heavy.

Managed 7 at normal training pace today but at a real struggle. Hoping to do 10 in the morning but doubtful that I will have recovered enough.

I'm going to stick with the club but just 1 session per week and see how it goes ... I'm hoping its just an acclimatisation thing
Apr 2013
9:42pm, 13 Apr 2013
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Ninky Nonk
Hi mate,

Best bet to go sub 20 is more miles I'm afraid. Don't even have to be that fast just steady mostly.

If you're too tired to run following day after speedwork you've done too much.

I don't think one 'fast' session a week is going to do any harm though. FWIW I'd keep the reps short (100 - 200m) with an easy jog of same distance between. 5 or 6 is plenty.

Run a few miles before and after. Run reps relaxed with good form.

*waits for 'strides'*
*waits for 'pointless'*

Apr 2013
9:45pm, 13 Apr 2013
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Ninky Nonk
Alternatively long hills are an option.
Apr 2013
12:44am, 14 Apr 2013
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Thanks for the replies.

I know my mileage isn't massively high at the moment, I average around 20 miles a week at the moment which is fine after a bad year last year.

I'll continue to increase the weekly mileage slowly, with the odd drop-down week, and will continue with the speedwork-y type stuff - shorter reps is a good idea. I just like the two sessions that I do, I know they worked for me in the past and I enjoy them.

Lots to think about. Ta. :-)
Apr 2013
6:10am, 14 Apr 2013
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LOL NN - strides are pointless especially when people put them in easy runs

Sombrero - interesting interpretation of your mileage - you have done 20 miles a week when ? Are you not putting things in your training log?

The simple fact is your body doesn't have enough volume in it to benefit from the speedwork as you need so much recovery.

I do about 8 miles a week (maybe these days), speedwork is limited to the occasional parkrun which if run hard I pay for. My body needs about 2 days to recover. When at my best I was running a marathon on the Sunday and doing speedwork on the Monday. It took a flat out 50km or longer to really hurt me but then my body expected to run twice a day and expected to run for between 10 - 15 hrs a week. Even in those days speedwork was extra not key.

I always find it amazing how common sense answers which are not what people want to hear are thrown out.

Oh well if you are going to carry on but plan to raise the mileage can I at least suggest you drop a speed session for a few months while you raise the volume.

Volume plus speed on a body that isn't ready leads to injury.
Apr 2013
7:01am, 14 Apr 2013
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I agree with Gobi.

Speed work will benefit you best when done from a good endurance base.
Apr 2013
7:03am, 14 Apr 2013
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Ninky Nonk
Strides in recovery runs not a good idea I agree, gobi.

My thinking was replacing the hard sessions.

Short enough to avoid significant lactate build up, and not inhibit aerobic development, and not affect following day.

Fast enough to let you feel a bit of wind in your hair, promote some good biomechancs and get used to some faster pace.

To be fair - if you take four weeks in a month, 80 miles is about 20 a week.

Before you get too excited, I should also say I agree with pretty much everything you've said in your post.
Apr 2013
7:18pm, 14 Apr 2013
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Cheers for the further responses.

Gobi, apologies if I offended you - certainly wasn't my intention. I've taken on board the comments, and appreciate your thoughts.

I've never done high mileage and doing the intervals that I do has worked in the past, however I've got lots to think about so cheers.

Am off for a nice easy run now...
Apr 2013
7:41pm, 14 Apr 2013
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Sombrero - my post in a lot of ways was aimed at a far wider audience than just you. I have been here on Fetch for many years and have seen many threads like yours. Sometimes I post and sometimes I just don't bother.

NN - 4 x 20 is 80 which is A not a month and B not always in his log :¬)

This week I will mostly be not doing much running as usual, where did I leave my bike ? :¬)
Apr 2013
7:42pm, 14 Apr 2013
50941 posts
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ps. I don't get offended

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