Recovering after a microdiscectomy

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Jan 2012
5:13pm, 19 Jan 2012
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Does anyone have any advice on the best way to recover after a microdiscectomy which I had during the beginning of December???? I still have one more prolapsed disc which isn't as bad as the large disc bulge I had on L5 part of my back which I am hoping will get better with walking etc. I walk at least 5 miles a day but just wondering if there is anything else I should or could be doing to get back to full health????
Jan 2012
9:16am, 20 Jan 2012
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sorry but I have nothing to offer on this other than boinging it back again to see if anyone useful comes along. Hope you get the answers you need and welcome to Fetch
Jan 2012
11:00am, 20 Jan 2012
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paul the builder
I had a discectomy before I was a runner - almost certainly I was a quicker healer aged 22 than I am now. But in any case - the recovery was problem-free, procedure in Feb and playing rugby again at the start of the next season (Sept).

I'm sure the best and most important advice is that which you'll get from your consultant and physio. I can only say make sure that you do the physio programme, and especially all the lower back strenghtening stuff. A strong lower back is going to reduce pressure on the spine during day to day living. And now's a good time too to take a serious look at your posture. I'd never paid any attention to it beforehand, but now try to sit upright, hips tilting forwards, whenever I can / remember.
Jan 2012
1:54pm, 20 Jan 2012
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Thanks Paul some good advice there I do need to see a physio again as i may need to do some different excersices from what I was given from the hospital. I do make sure I regularly do the strenghthening exercises if anyone has any helpful hints on other excersies that can be done i would appreciate this as I do suffer quite badly with Sciatica also.


Jan 2012
6:56pm, 23 Jan 2012
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monkey harris
learn to listen to your body i found was the best way,i had my first one in may 97 and had to give up playing football,but being an active sort of person i started running,very slow and short at first ,a few niggles along the way but built up slowley and had the crazy idea of training for a marathon,wich i done in 99,but ti took about 6 months from the op to feel better after physio, but it went again in 2000 due to work tho im a slater and tiler on the roofs,had a second op on the same disc and was fully recovered in 6 weeks that time,i was back at work, running and feeling good and its been ok ever since,(touch wood),like you i have a slight prolapsed disc but it is not pushing on the nerve,as paul says posture is important aswell as is listening to your physio from every thing from lifting to getting out of bed the right way and keep to it, it helps,but everyone is different and dont rush it,if it hurts your back stop and be patient it does get better, as paul says listen to your consultant and physio,i move like a robot know lol,wish you a speedy recovery, mh
Jan 2012
1:34pm, 24 Jan 2012
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Thanks very much monkey harris its good to know that other people have been going through the same problems that I have and come out the other side feeling much better. I still need to have a check up with the hospital to make sure that everthing is healing up ok, I still continue to get numbness in my knee which seems to go after along walk but i have been told this is because the nerve has been pinched in my back which the disc bulge caused. I am just hoping that the other prolapsed disc gets better on its own or I will be right back where I started 2 years ago. I managed a 13 mile walk today which I have been building up from 6 miles to 8 to 10 miles but I am still really concerned about trying to run I think I will need to consult with the doc and try and get hold of a good physio as I currently don't have one at the moment. If anyone could recommend a good one in the Plymouth or Saltash area I would be very grateful. The physio people in Saltash are very good but I know there is a very very long waiting list :(

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