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18 Sep
7:55pm, 18 Sep 2020
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In the past, most of this lot would have resigned in shame over their incompetence and misdemeanours (polite word for corruptness), but in this government There is no shame, just unfettered self-interest and contempt.

Yes, we should stop carping and taking the piss out of Rees-Mogg and his ilk and just string them up like they deserve.

Too much? They are doing the same to us but in a cowardly and underhand way.
18 Sep
8:26pm, 18 Sep 2020
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MPs are often accused of being detached from the reality of the people they govern. Rees-Mogg just smacked of that.

No misquoting or out of context. He said what he said and meant it. Just on another planet to the rest of us.
18 Sep
8:55pm, 18 Sep 2020
67975 posts
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[When I encounter Rees-Mogg, I am reminded that he might have made a great stunt double for the Gimp in *those* scenes in 'Pulp Fiction'. He was kept remarkably quiet in the time leading up to the last election but seems to have leapt the fence to deliver his latest 'message'.]
18 Sep
10:47pm, 18 Sep 2020
23744 posts
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Johnny Blaze
Yes. He was entombed in a concrete lined trench during the last election, but now he is back to remind us what a cunt he is.
18 Sep
10:47pm, 18 Sep 2020
23745 posts
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Johnny Blaze
18 Sep
10:53pm, 18 Sep 2020
16591 posts
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Don't worry certain posters here think ALL of us on this thread (except him) are more detached from reality than JRM, and we're just deliberately misrepresenting him because hey that's what us raving commies do.
18 Sep
11:26pm, 18 Sep 2020
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538 have released their Senate prediction model today. They give the Democrats a slightly favourite chance of taking control, with a central prediction (depending on which of their models you use) of 51 seats to 49.

This translates to a 58% of taking control in their "deluxe" model.

80% Confidence interval is 53-47 Republican majority to 54-46 Democrat majority (again deluxe model).


Biden at a 77% chance in the Presidental model currently.
18 Sep
11:31pm, 18 Sep 2020
11625 posts
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I think (I've not listened to the latest 538 podcast yet) that it's the same model (plus a few tweaks) they used in 2018 which was very good - it's an MRP type model

They're supposed to be releasing a house one too, again using their 2018 model plus tweaks. I'd expect that in the next week or so.

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