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11 May
10:50pm, 11 May 2021
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Add Narendra Modi to those ^ Favours Hindu nationalism to the detriment of Moselms - and a huge covid-19 crisis ballooning day by day.
11 May
11:24pm, 11 May 2021
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Yeah it's not like the UK ended freedom of movement... and sent EU citizens packing while boohooing about the lack of daffodil pickers, waiters and toilet cleaners in the state sanctioned media... oh wait.

Yes I don't like what Barnier says - that's what you expect from a right winger, he's very similar to Johnson, except he's not such a bloody liar and states much of it up front (in fact our whole country is historically tarred with the brush of being two faced backstabbers, hence the term "perfidious albion" - that's another thing to be proud of - ha). I was also reading about the Ballymurphy massacre of 1971 which I knew nothing. Jesus effing Christ, British army shooting people who went out to help the wounded, in the back, waving white flags, children, while they were crawling on the ground... and it took til 2021 to exonerate the dead????!!!!! but enough of that digression.

BUT YES Barnier is part of a direction of travel I don't like. In France you have Le Pen able to dictate too much of the discourse on the grounds she will likely contest the presidency again. So when Barnier says things like that it normalises such nonsense and moves everything further to the right.

Ultimately, though its why you want to be bound up in a union with friends and potential enemies as it restrains and manages their worst impulses, instead of managing 27 separate relationships with different countries all of which you could fall out with individually, with catastrophic consequences, when we're controlled by a man who can't even manage to keep his trousers buttoned up long enough to prevent himself accidentally fathering another child.
11 May
11:36pm, 11 May 2021
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Too Much Water
There’s a fair chance of a military coup to install Le Pen I gather.

The UK is better off out of what is increasingly a far-right, anti immigration neo-liberal trade bloc which is on the side of big business and not the ordinary man.
12:07am, 12 May 2021
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Johnny Blaze
It seems to me that with Right Wing nationalism breaking out all over Europe we will rue the day that the EU began to splinter - we, of course being the most obvious example of that at the moment. Funny how it is that many of the most vehement anti-EU parties are right leaning. It's almost like they hate the idea of having to pool sovereignty as a necessary price for peace. Why could that be?

This drift rightwards will end badly - possibly extremely badly - if it isn't checked. The EU helped to ensure peace in Europe for 70 years but the headcases have short memories.

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